9 Best Mechanics Creepers (Slide Into Tight Spaces)

best mechanics creepers
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Ask anyone who works on cars and uses a mechanics creeper, and they’ll tell you it’s well worth the money. Working on your car is so much more enjoyable when you’re actually comfortable and not straining your neck.

There are a few different styles of mechanics creepers on the market. A lightweight creeper is perfect if you plan to use it in different locations. Convertible creepers combine the back panel with a stool to give you more comfort.

But the most popular creeper on the market is designed close to the floor, and has a longer rack to accommodate people who need a little more support.

Chosen to give you a good variety of styles and at different budgets, here are 9 of the very best mechanics creepers available today.

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Our 9 Favorites

best-z-creeperOmega 91452450 lbs3"40" x 26" x 4"27.0 lbs
lisle-jeepers-creeperLisle 94102300 lbs2"38" x 18" x 4"11.5 lbs
prolift-mechanics-creeperPro-Lift C-9100450 lbs3"41" x 20" x 7"25.5 lbs
magic-creeper-review-2Magic Creepern/an/a60" x 29" x 1"3.0 lbs
wide-mechanics-creeperTraxion ProGear400 lbs5"43" x 23" x 7"20.0 lbs
home-mechanic-creeperPro-Lift C-2036D300 lbs3"37" x 19" x 3"15.0 lbs
best-plastic-creeperPro-Lift C-6036300 lbs2"37" x 17" x 5"10.0 lbs
omega-folding-mechanics-creeperOmega 91000450 lbs3"41" x 20" x 7"25.5 lbs
the-bone-creeper-reviewThe Bone300 lbs5"47" x 26" x 6"18.0 lbs

Mechanics Creeper Reviews

#1 – Omega 91452 40″ Low Profile Z-Creeper

best-z-creeperDesigned for a stable, low profile, this 3-in-1 creeper has thick padding and six castors to ensure you’re able to get around in comfort. The body is able to unfold to give you some back support while sitting low to the ground as well as fold into a Z-shape to act as a rolling creeper chair.

A weight capacity of 450 pounds means this is an excellent choice for larger-framed individuals, as well as those who want to carry a few tools under the car with them.

Comfort seems to be the catchphrase for owners of this creeper. It has been used in everything from commercial to home settings and a few users have even modified it by adding on tool trays for storage.

3-in-1 mechanics creeper
3-in-1 convertible design

Despite the thick padding and castors, the Z-Creeper has a notably low profile, allowing its owners to get under most vehicles effortlessly.

This product would be almost perfect if not for the quality control guy in charge of castors taking an extended lunch break. People have often received their creeper with missing, broken, or stationary castors. The middle set also has a habit of sometimes snagging on both cloth and skin.

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#2 – Lisle 94102 38″ Blue Plastic Mechanics Creeper

lisle-jeepers-creeperDesigned to be light and portable, Lisle creepers are Made in the USA and always seem to be near the top of everyone’s list. To give you more comfort and support, the back board is 2 inches longer than you will find on competitor models, and rivals the size of creepers used in professional shops.

Lisle spent a lot of time designing the comfortable body-fitting style using many different body types as test subjects. To get in to tightest openings, this creeper has a low 7/8-inch of floor clearance and a height of just over 4-inches. The six high quality 2-inch casters swivel and roll as smooth as possible.

lisle creeper review colors

You save time with a one-piece design. It is easier for you to perform maintenance, and the integrated design means trouble-free operation. The surface is specially designed to be resistant to fuels, grease, and other types of solvents, and cleanup is fast and easy. Cleaning oil from your garage floor is another matter though.

Don’t be fooled by the “old-school” design. It’s one of the most comfortable creepers you will ever try. The Lisle 94102 gives you the best value in a lightweight design that is great for the mechanic on the go. Also available in yellow, red, black, and green colors.

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#3 – Pro-Lift C-9100 41″ Foldable Z-Creeper

prolift-mechanics-creeperThis foldable Z creeper comes with a sturdy 40-inch steel frame to accommodate up to 450 pounds and converts in mere seconds. The six full bearing polyurethane three-inch swivel casters provide smooth and easy movement while the thick 14 x 12 ¼-inch padded seat ensures superior comfort.

Frew customers have been disappointed in this product. The frame is as sturdy as advertised and the cushions are incredibly comfortable, leading to the creeper being used as a seat just as often, if not moreso.

A tip many owners have shared is that the longer bolts are attached in step 3 of the instructions and the shorter ones in step 4 (the instructions aren’t very clear and improper assembly may be partly to blame for some of the complaints about this creeper).

There have been several complaints about receiving repackaged products, usually with poorly-aligned or missing drill holes. Also, a few users have had issues with the casters. These seem to be somewhat isolated incidents, but you should make sure to check your creeper upon arrival to ensure nothing’s amiss.

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#4 – Magic Creeper 51631 Zero-Clearance Creeper

magic-creeper-review-2Have you ever gotten under a vehicle only to find the space so cramped you ended up ditching your creeper for the rest of the job? The Magic Creeper is a perfect response to this dilemma, with an unbelievable zero clearance height.

Designed in a tubular shape that functions just like tracks, the Magic Creeper has a rolling core that allows for movement in all directions.

The casing is water, oil, and puncture resistant and rolls up to a mere 5 inches thick making it the most portable creeper around. Best of all, the sturdy design means you can sit your tools beside you and take them along for the ride!

Obviously, the zero clearance design is what people most often buy this for, and they haven’t been disappointed. So long as you pay heed to the warnings about its low friction, this little creeper can let you slide over even uneven ground effortlessly.

The low friction does have its drawbacks, however. The slipperiness has made it difficult for some people to get on or off of it. In addition, a lot of users have had problems with it bunching up like a towel if they try to shift sideways while working under their car.

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#5 – Traxion 1-100 ProGear 43″ Mechanic Creeper

wide-mechanics-creeperAt first glance, this thing looks more like a classic car than a creeper. It has a wide drop deck for comfort, and the 5-inch castors only sit about as high as the top of the deck.

This gives the creeper a sturdy, low profile design (as far as creepers with 5-inch wheels are concerned) that’s strong enough to hold 401 pounds.

If there’s one phrase that could sum up customer opinions of this creeper, it would be “smooth as butter”. Even heavier-set individuals are able to roll effortlessly around on uneven terrain.

Between the comfort level and mobility, this creeper is quite popular in even commercial garages, leaving other creepers to collect dust in the corner.

A few people have received this product with damaged parts due to poor packaging. Also, a couple purchasers noted faulty swivel ball bearings so it seems like the company’s QA department could use some help.

For an otherwise excellent creeper, these two issues have caused a lot of headaches that could be fixed with a little extra quality control.

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#6 – Pro-Lift C-2036D 37″ Convertible Z-Creeper

home-mechanic-creeperThickly padded vinyl cushions and the ability to convert from 36-inch creeper to 14-inch tall seat and back in mere seconds make this a great choice for those looking for a slightly smaller Z creeper.

Its six swivel casters make getting around easy in both modes. Despite being much lighter than many other creepers, the sturdy steel construction brings with it a 300-pound capacity.

The lower profile of this creeper makes it easier to work on vehicles with smaller clearance. The padded seats are comfortable and able to hold weight. Easily assembled, this has become the creeper of choice for many of its purchasers.

The single most common complaint about this creeper is its casters. They’re not quite as smooth rolling as some others, making it harder to move on some surfaces. There have been a few instances of them breaking or falling out. Additionally, this creeper is a smaller one, so it may not work as well for those of taller stature.

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#7 – Pro-Lift C-6036 37″ Ergonomic Creeper

best-plastic-creeperThis lightweight blow-molded HDPE plastic creeper can hold up to 300 pounds while still being molded for comfort. At 36 inches long and 16 inches wide with a padded headrest, this creeper will fit most individuals.

Six two-inch swivel casters help ensure superior clearance without sacrificing mobility, and a built-in carry handle makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.

For many buyers, the size and shape of this creeper are perfect. The padded headrest is surprisingly comfortable, and it’s a lot more rugged than most plastic creepers. Giving the moving parts of the caster assemblies a little grease out of the box can greatly improve mobility.

As with many Pro-Lift products, the casters on the C-6036 are not the best quality, often leading to the loss of ball bearings. If buying this creeper, it’s best to invest in some sturdy casters to replace the included ones.

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#8 – Omega 91000 41″ Z-Creeper

omega-folding-mechanics-creeperThe Omega 91000 is older yet similar to our top pick with two main differences. First, it sits higher than the 91452 so it’s more suited for vehicles with generous clearance underneath. Second, the casters sit inside the width of the frame. So while still plenty stable, it can’t compare to its big brother.

Like model 91452, this padded creeper has a unique convertible design that lets you easily change it from a mechanic stool to a creeper. If you’re working on brakes or detailing your car, the stool is incredibly handy.

The 40 inch back plate is long enough for great support and yet short enough for easy maneuvering. If you are a little larger than what the average creeper will support, the Omega 91000 is rated up to 450 lbs, and the heavy-duty padded upholstery will give you more comfortable use. The 3″ diameter wheels means they won’t get caught up on tiny stones on the garage floor.

The biggest negative to this creeper is the approximate 6 inch clearance. For many, this won’t matter since their car or truck will be on jacks but others it might.

The Omega 91000 is probably best for those with trucks or anything with a higher than normal clearance.

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#9 – The Bone 6031 47″ Mechanics Creeper

the-bone-creeper-reviewIf you aren’t sold on the unique bone-shape of the Bone yet, you probably don’t know about the large, wide 5-inch wheels.

Designed to let you creep almost anywhere, even over drop cords, grates, loose pebbles, gravel, or cracks in the floor, the Bone allows you to lay a mere 1.75 inches off the ground.

Made in the USA and rated for up to 300 lbs, the Bone 6031 is stable and is made from easy-to-clean materials. So no matter what type of fluids you spill on it, cleanup is easy.

If it has one fault it’s that the headrest is a bit uncomfortable. Also, you you’re over six feet tall, other options may fit you a bit better.

But for the average person, the Bone may be the best creeper you will ever buy, especially if you plan on rolling it on a surfaces which aren’t 100% smooth.

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How to Choose a Mechanics Creeper

Mechanics creepers are one of those important tools where the rule of “One man’s trash” comes into play. Unlike a lot of other tools, picking out a creeper that’s right for you comes almost entirely down to personal preference and the types of jobs you’ll be using it for.

The good news is that while we can’t tell you which one to get, we can give you the right questions to ask yourself before picking a creeper out.

Fixed vs Folding

This is a good example of where preference comes into play. Fixed creepers such as the Lisle above tend to have better clearance but can be a little less comfortable. They’re also lighter and easy to store, both in the garage and in a vehicle.

Conversely, folding creepers like the Omega 91452 have a little less clearance but are more comfortable and have the added advantage of turning into a seat.

Not only is this useful for doing bodywork and auto detailing, it allows you to not have to purchase a separate creeper seat. However, they’re not as easily stored and transported due to their slightly bulkier size.

Weight Capacity

This is one of those interesting dilemmas that a lot of people don’t consider. Creepers with a 300-pound capacity are more than enough for a good percentage of those using it, and obviously heavier individuals will prefer something that has a higher weight capacity.

But another thing to factor in is the weight of any tools or tool boxes you’re likely to be hauling around with you on the creeper. This is especially true for folding creepers where you might keep heavier tools or parts on board as you ride around from one spot to the next. Sometimes getting something with a higher capacity may be worth the extra cost.

Floor Clearance

mechanic creeper under car

It’s easy to think about the physical size of a creeper, but what about ground clearance? This vital amount of space between the ground and creeper frame determines how much room you’ll have to work.

While it may not be a big deal when working on your lifted truck, working on a low profile vehicle, even on jack stands, can be problematic with some taller than average mechanics creepers.

On the other end of it, if the creeper body is REALLY low to the ground, your elbows may not appreciate it, and you likely have very small casters which may hinder mobility on anything but a super smooth surface.


When talking about ground clearance, a major factor is the casters. You’ll find most creepers with large casters have only four, while there are almost always six smaller casters. This is due to stability, but there’s also a tradeoff:

  • Choose a creeper with 2-inch casters for superior work clearance, but at the cost of mobility over anything other than a perfectly smooth surface.
  • Choose a creeper with 3-inch casters for a safe middle ground. You’ll have better mobility than with 2-inch casters and better work clearance than with 5-inch creepers. There’s a reason why most creepers have 3-inch wheels.
  • Choose a creeper with 5-inch casters for better handling on rough ground and higher ground clearance at the cost of work clearance.


This is perhaps the most overlooked of all factors. Unless you intend to use your creeper only once every few months or less, you’re going to want to consider the comfort factor.

Plastic creepers tend to be a hard surface, often curved ergonomically to make them a little easier to use. However, every body is shaped different so that ideal “ergonomic” shape for one person may be quite uncomfortable for another.

Padded metal creepers (especially folding ones) tend to be far more comfortable when you’re spending long periods of time on them but they often cost more and you’ll sacrifice some work clearance in the process.

Length and width also come into play. You’ll want your head and posterior to fit on the same creeper, so think about your height. People of average height will usually do fine on a 36-inch creeper, but taller individuals will need something closer to 40 inches or more.

The same goes for width. Broader shoulders will do better with a broader creeper.

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