10 Extension Cord Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

best way to store extension cords

Let’s face it; whether it’s in the garage or shop, extension cords are often a necessary evil. These cords provide a longer reach for power cords but can be inconvenient and even create a fire hazard. The light-duty cords are an excellent way to add up to three outlets somewhere in the room that’s out … Read more

8 Best Socket Organizers to Stop Losing That 10mm Socket

best socket organizers

Have you ever been deep in the middle of a project only to reach for a socket and not be able to find it? Sockets are notorious for rolling around the toolbox, falling off of work benches, and being generally difficult to find. Having an actual system to organize your sockets will make life a … Read more

9 Best Workbenches for Your Garage or Shop

workbench ideas

Every garage or shop needs a quality workbench that can put up with a good amount of abuse. A simple light-duty workbench may be all that’s required for some, but for others, the best workbench is one that’s heavy duty with a few frills. Our picks illustrate distinct types of workbenches for your consideration and … Read more

8 Best Miter Saw Stands (With and Without Wheels)

best miter saw stands

Every carpenter, whether an avid proponent of DIY work or a seasoned professional, knows the importance of achieving clean, accurate cuts. When attempting to make precise crosscuts, few tools are as significant in value as a good miter saw. However, often overlooked is the value of a quality miter saw stand. A miter saw stand … Read more

8 Best Garage Shelving Units (Heavy Duty and Stable)

best heavy duty garage shelving

You may think of your garage as simply a place to park your car at the end of the day, but the addition of garage shelving units will make the space a whole lot more versatile. A good garage shelving system allows you to store your tools, paint, automotive detailing products, work gear, food, and … Read more

Building vs. Buying a Shed (Which is Better?)

build vs buy a shed

Sheds are used by gardeners, farmers, and outdoor hobbyists alike. They not only add value and appeal to your space but also offer additional storage to keep garden tools, equipment, and other items. When it comes to getting a shed, you can either buy and install it as is or decide to build from scratch. … Read more

8 Best Reloading Benches and Stands for Ammo Enthusiasts

best reloading bench

Reloading your spent cartridges and shotgun shells is a great way for gun enthusiasts to save money over a period of time. Whether you already have a reloading press and need a more dedicated area to work or you’d like to get your area ready first, getting a the best reloading bench or stand for … Read more