7 Best Garage Floor Containment Mats (for Snow, Rain, Mud, and Oil)

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Garage floor containment mats are designed to protect the surface of your garage floor so you’re not always dealing with damage or staining from snow, mud, water, or oil and other car fluid stains. As an added bonus, they contain spills, which when close enough, protects your walls and objects stored on the floor.

To get the best garage floor mat for your specific needs, make sure that the mat you buy is plenty wide enough to park your vehicle on it. This isn’t a problem with small cars, but trucks and SUVs need a wider surface.

For areas known to get heavy snow or rain, looks for mats with a raised outer edge to contain the dripping and melting.

Our 7 Favorite Garage Floor Containment Mats

ProductMaterialSizesLargest SizeRaised Edge?
best-garage-floor-containtment-matAutoFloorGuardFabric38.5' x 20'Yes
best-garage-floor-mat-for-snowTruContainFabric49' x 22'Yes
garage-floor-containment-matsArmorAll Fabric48.8' x 22'No
heavy-duty-mat-for-garage-floorG-FloorPVC510' x 24'No
large-garage-parking-matRoughTexPVC177.5' x 26'No
winter-garage-floor-matIncStores NitroPVC2110' x 140'No
garage-parking-matHanjetFabric38.5' x 20'Yes
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Garage Floor Mat Reviews

#1 – AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat

best-garage-floor-containtment-matThis AutoFloorGuard (AFG) premium containment mat may be the last floor mat you will buy for your garage. Its largest size (measuring 8.6′ x 20′) is perfect for most trucks and SUVs, and its raised edges help you keep the water and mud which falls from your vehicle off the floor of your garage.

This outer lip is filled with a soft foam padding that will compress when you step or drive over them. This reduces the possibility of tripping, but you’ll have to be careful not to give water an avenue for draining off the containment mat.

One way to do that is to simply put towels under the edge to provide slightly more lift. You could do the same thing with small diameter wooden rods or dowels, but keep in mind that doing so increases the risk of tripping, and watch your step.

But to be honest, it really isn’t necessary to make this change and 99% of individuals won’t have any issues with water containment.

Tip:  Before placing any parking mat on your garage floor, use a good concrete cleaner to get rid of any oil, grease, or other stains on the surface. You’ll be glad you did.

The added width is perfect for larger vehicles, because other mats of this type are mainly designed for smaller, passenger vehicles and may not fit wider ones.

AutoFloorGuard mat review
Raised edges of the AutoFloorGuard

The most common complaint with the Auto Floor Guard is that the thin material has a tendency to slip or bunch if you turn the wheels or even shuffle your feet near the edges.

Unless you have the ability to clean the containment mat where it sits, there is not much you can do to correct this minor design flaw. Cleaning in place is not difficult, though, and can be done with a shop vacuum, or a mop and push broom.

If you’re going to clean the mat in place, you can make it stay in place better by putting strips of double sided tape on the underside, running across the width of the mat. Use a strip every 18 to 24 inches, and the mat will not “crawl” when you drive over it or even if you drag a lightweight item.

When taking the mat outside to clean it, you will have to be careful not to scratch or puncture the containment surface. It’s made from a heavy duty PVC fabric material, but may still tear with harsh use. Like most other containment mats, the surface is not intended for studded tires.

Overall, the AutoFloorGuard mat checks off all the boxes of a good garage floor containment mat for winter and any other season. It’s no wonder this mat is one of the top-selling garage mats for a few years now.

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#2 – TruContain Garage Floor Mat

best-garage-floor-mat-for-snowThe TruContain is a gray garage floor containment mat that’s similar to the AutoFloorGuard. Its containment edge is made from 1.18” foam with heat welded PVC-infused fabric for a combined thickness of about 1.25”.

The seams are on the underside, while the top is lightly textured to make it easier to clean.

You will need a smooth, clean floor to apply the velcro stick pads, and should place the mat, dull side up. The mat is known to wrinkle or bunk up a bit, so additional adhesion measures may be necessary. You may also need to estimate a larger size than required to ensure a snug fit.

The TruContain is a good option when you need something a bit larger than what AutoFloorGuard has to offer but be aware that the larger sizes tend to be in and out of stock frequently.

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#3 – ArmorAll Absorbent Fabric Garage Floor Mat

garage-floor-containment-matsAvailable in sizes from 7’4″ x 17′ to 8’10” x 22′ (as well as a 30″ x 59″ oil spill mat), this charcoal-colored gem is more than a simple containment mat. Its surface is designed to feel like carpet, so not only does it absorb and contain liquids, it looks and feels good.

The waterproof backing prevents liquids from soaking through to the floor beneath, while the patented Drymate fabric contains spills for easier cleanup.

Best of all, the mats are easy to clean, with 80 percent recycled fibers and the ability to be cut to perfect size without risk of fraying.

Note that some paints and sealers react to waterproof backing and may cause discoloration or sticking so if you have an epoxy coated floor, it may be worth using a different mat.

Consumers have used this mat in everything from garages to greenhouses for stopping ice and liquids. It’s easy to vacuum, although it might not contain as well in heavily salted winter scenarios.

When exposed to direct sunlight, the color also allows it to function as passive heating, helping to ensure warm toes in the wintertime.

While this mat is great at keeping liquids off the floor, if any water does manage to seep underneath from the sides, it will begin sliding. It has also been known to bunch up for some customers when they drive over it but less so than other brands.

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#4 – G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

heavy-duty-mat-for-garage-floorThis made in the USA garage floor mat comes in various sizes and colors and is an excellent option. If your garage floor rises away from the opening, as many are constructed to do, it will also be easy to sweep or mop clean.

The ribbed surface channels water, which works as well as having a garage mat with raised edges. With sizes starting at 5×10 all the way to 10×24, you’re not stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach so you can fit anything from a motorcycle to Ford F350 on it.

The mat comes on a roll that makes it easy to transport, but being rolled on the spool for a long period is also the biggest single complaint.

For the best results, unroll it facedown on the driveway, or your lawn for several hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The heat will gradually make the material more flexible so that the mat will lie flat when installed.

Since the edges aren’t very raised, you’ll want to use some sort of parking aid to get you centered on the mat. Of course if you drive a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500, you probably won’t have to worry about that.

Like the AFG mat, this one has a tendency to bunch up if you turn your wheels, but double-sided tape is an easy and inexpensive solution.

Even with the ribbing, this mat can be very slippery when wet. There is not much you do to correct that, so be careful walking on it when you have brought the car in during a rain shower.

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#5 – RoughTex Diamond Deck Garage Floor Mat

large-garage-parking-matWhen you want a tough, no-nonsense industrial mat that requires no installation, RoughTex mats are a great choice. Available in 17 sizes and 3 colors, they’ll fit almost any vehicle from a motorcycle or golf cart to a sports sedan or full size pickup.

The material is easy to cut to size and provide a sturdy, slip-resistant surface. You can even use leftover material as a pet pad or door mat.

The lack of installation (no double-sided tape necessary) means you can roll it up and take it wherever you need it. Best of all, it resists antifreeze, battery acid, brake fluid, gas, oil, and water.

The 2.9mm thick mat is quite durable and attractive enough to use in the home as well as your garage or storage spaces. Be warned that the exact size may be slightly off from that given.

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#6 – IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Mat

winter-garage-floor-matAn excellent commercial-grade option, these flooring rolls are made of 100 percent premium-grade polyvinyl and are available in over 20 different sizes with rolls up to 140 feet long available. 5 colors are available with coin and diamond patters.

The 3/32-inch thick rolls are easy to cut and install, simple to clean, and are backed by a 7 year warranty. There’s no raised edge so if you get a lot of snow in your area, one of the top two options above would be a better choice.

These mats are heavy (0.87 lbs per square foot), allowing them to stay put even when driven on. However, the manufacturer warned that the seams may not line up perfectly when placing two or more together.

While durable, these mats are also thinner than most mats on the market, which may make this item less attractive to some buyers.

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#7 – Hanjet Garage Floor Car Containment Mat

garage-parking-matIt’s hard to find a better value than this woven PVC fabric containment mat. The waterproof seams are reinforced and thermal welded to ensure extra durability while the interior is well-cushioned with a closed-cell foam containment edge.

Available in 3 sizes, your compact car, mid-size sedan, or truck/SUV should have no trouble fitting. This mat is quite easy to clean and maintain.

While the quality is not quite up to AutoFloorGuard or TruContain standards, it’s a good inexpensive garage floor containment mat with raised edges

This is good, well made mat that does the job. However, unlike most items on this list, the PVC002 isn’t slip-resistant, requiring frequent brushing in wet weather. It’s also flammable if exposed to open flame.

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Garage Floor Mat Buying Guide

garage containment mats

Deciding on the best garage floor containment mat for the job takes a little more thought than you might expect. Just as you’d want something weatherproof for your doorstep or water-resistant for the bathroom, it’s important to choose a mat best suited for use in the garage.

Here are some key points to keep in mind.

What Material is Best?

There are a lot of materials out there to choose from, such as polyester, polyvinyl, PVC and rubber. Of these, polyvinyl and PVC tend to be the toughest, while polyester is able to replicate the feel of carpeting.

In the end, however, the best material for the job is often down to how you plan to use the space.

In all cases, you will want a mat that’s resistant to chemical and liquid spills, grooved or textured to channel liquids away, cushioned, slip resistant, and easy to clean.

Note that you will either want a smooth surface or an easily removed mat for those times you plan to use a creeper.

What Size and Thickness Do I Need?

You’ll want a mat heavy enough to stay down, but that doesn’t mean bigger is better. Most mats are about 1/2 inch thick and are sufficient for everyday traffic and parking a vehicle on.

Industrial mats are better suited for garages that are used for repairs and other heavy-duty functions and are around 3/4 inches thick.

When buying a mat, you will want to decide whether you want it to  cover the entire garage or merely a portion (such as a under a vehicle or workshop area).

Most garage floor mats are easily cut to fit (except those with raised edges), so you can get away with purchasing something slightly larger than needed.

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For the full garage, however, you will need to measure the dimensions and buy one or more mats to fit that size. Again, they’re usually easy to cut, so you can get any combination of mats and trim them down to fit into a 20 x 12 foot garage or larger. But for large areas, garage floor tiles may be a better option.

For a better idea of how large your garage is without having to measure by hand, check out this handy size guide.

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