Hi there and thanks for visiting GarageTooled.com. Having been involved in the construction industry since high school while working under my dad, I’ve worked over 44 years first as a framer, tiler (don’t recommend it), and eventually a general contractor. After semi-retiring in 2014, I developed this site to help do-it-yourselfers, weekend warriors, mechanics, new home owners, hobbyists, and contractors choose the right tools to stock their garage or toolbox.

Ever since my wife and I purchased our first home in the 90’s, I’ve been doing projects around the house (and other peoples’ houses) whenever there was time. Through that time, I saw things through the eye of a typical homeowner and not as a professional. I learned that there are certain tools that every garage should have as well as those that are simply a waste of money.

My goal is to educate whether it’s comparing tool brands, going over the different types and configurations of specific tools, and offer my advice on products that are worth the money and those that aren’t. Unlike others, I’m not afraid to recommend a $50 power tool if it does the same job as the $500 brand.

I’m constantly reviewing new tools which are actually useful, not those that you “might” use once every 5 years. If there is tool you’d like to see reviewed in the future or have tool related question in general, please let me know via my Contact form.