9 Best Shop Stools (Comfort While You Work)

best shop stool for garage

Shop and garage stools come in several varieties. For some, the best shop stool is nothing more than a sturdy, simple stool or even folding chair. For many of us, we require something that’s more comfortable with plenty of padding or even a backrest. For garage environments, it’s important the seat has an adjustable height … Read more

9 Best Knee Pads (for Flooring, Construction, and Tile Work)

type of knee pads

If you have ever spent any length of time crawling on concrete while plumbing a house, completing HVAC projects, navigating crawlspaces, or working construction, then you are well aware of just how painful this can be. After only a few hours in such an environment, one’s knees begin to swell and bruise. However, a quality … Read more

7 Best Garage Heaters (to Stay Warm in Winter)

best garage heaters

Traditionally, the garage has been a place to store junk (and sometimes a car or two). This role has changed significantly in recent years, with the space doubling as a workshop, mechanic shop, gym, or additional living space. Concerns over weather in increasingly hostile winters make environmental control that much more important regardless of your … Read more

Best Ways to Heat a Garage in Winter (8 Options)

winterizing garage

Whether you use your garage as a workshop, extra living space, or simply want your car to start on the first try, a warm garage is an underrated luxury. When it comes to heating your garage when the temperatures outside take a dip, there are more options to choose from than you probably imagine. As … Read more

6 Best Creeper Seats for Mechanics and Detailers

best creeper seats

Good seating is important for a wide range of automotive tasks such as brake pad replacement, body work, and detailing. A long day’s work in the shop will take far less toll on your body if you can sit at a crouching height and roll around from place to place. The best creeper seat take … Read more

Types of Garage Doors – Which Style and Material is Best?

types of garage doors

Cars have grown to play a vital roles in our lives, so it’s only right that they have their own space in your home. In fact, its’s hard to find a single home, that was built within the last few decades, that doesn’t have a garage. These days, homeowners even use their garages as the … Read more

7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mats for Garage Floors

best anti fatigue mat for garage

A good anti-fatigue mat should be designed for heavy use in your specific work environment. Anti fatigue mats intended for use on the concrete floors of garages and shops may not be suitable for use in a kitchen environment, as the two locations have different requirements to be met. Features that go into the best … Read more

5 Tips to Winter-Proof Your Garage

how to winterproof garage

A drop in temperatures may be a clear reminder that Summer and Fall are long gone, and that winter is slowly creeping in. This is the best time to think about preparing your garage for this cold season. Winter proofing your garage will help you stay comfortable working in your garage and help protect tools stored … Read more

6 Best Ways to Cool a Garage in the Summer

how to cool garage in summer

Summer often brings miserable heat. Garages tend to be the most neglected part of a home when it comes to comfortable conditions. While many homeowners only spend minutes at a time in their garage, those of us who work on our cars or projects can literally spend all day in there. Running HVAC ducting through the garage … Read more