9 Best Workbenches for Your Garage or Shop

workbench ideas
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Every garage or shop needs a quality workbench that can put up with a good amount of abuse. A simple light-duty workbench may be all that’s required for some, but for others, the best workbench is one that’s heavy duty with a few frills.

Our picks illustrate distinct types of workbenches for your consideration and we threw in some suggestions for turning your workbench into a DIY project in itself.

For most, you’ll want to look for heavy duty frame construction that offers good stability and a thick top. Adjustable height legs are nice bonus but not always necessary. Most of the shop benches below are 6 feet wide but often come in an 8-foot length (recommended if you have the room). 4-foot wide workbenches may desirable in some cases.

For some, the best workbench for the money is actually a portable unit or even a custom do-it-yourself setup to fit the area it’ll be in as well as the types of uses you’ll have for it. That said, you can’t really go wrong with any of the options below.

Our 9 Favorite Workbenches

ProductWidthHeightDepthTop Thickness
solid-wood-top-workbenchGladiator GAWB06HWEG72"28" - 41"25"1.75"
heavy-duty-workbenchHusky G7200S72"28" - 42"24"1.25"
Fleximounts WB201 reviewFleximounts WB20148"37"24"1.00"
best-workbench-2Seville Classics UHD20247B48"38"24"1.50"
seville-workbench-reviewSevile Classics UHD2024272"38"20"1.50"
workbench-reviewsBenchPro FPB246060"31"24"1.00"
best-adjustable-height-workbenchHusky HOLT72XDB1172"26" - 42"24"1.25"
garage-workbench2x4basics 90164varies36"variesvaries
heavy-duty-work-tableHusky HOLT4602B1246"26" - 42"24"1.25"

Garage Workbench Reviews

#1 – Gladiator 6-Ft Adjustable Height Birch Top Workbench

solid-wood-top-workbenchThe heavy duty 6-foot Gladiator workbench (also available in an 8-foot version) is ideal for anyone who works on a variety of projects, both big and small.

This bench adjusts in 1.25” increments allowing your worktop to be anywhere between 28″ and 41″ high, making it extremely versatile whether standing or working from your shop stool. The Gladiator is also rated to hold sustained weights of up to 3000-pounds, allowing it to stand up to heavy chores of any type.

At 72” wide and 25” deep, this workbench should be plenty big enough to tackle almost any task but if your workspace allows it, going with the 96″ variation is well worth it. With a 1-3/4″ solid hardwood top, it’s the thickest workbench top in our group. Assembly is easy as all pre-drilled holes line up perfectly.

Gladiator 6 foot workbench review

It is worth mentioning that a few consumers have raised concerns over the durability of the Gladiator’s top. More specifically, several reports seem to indicate that the workbench’s top gouges quite easily, leaving behind unsightly marks. However, the use of a quality tabletop mat (such as this one) should alleviate these concerns in their entirety.

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#2 – Husky G7200S 6-Ft Adjustable Height Solid Wood Top Workbench

heavy-duty-workbenchIf you’re looking for a good, basic, heavy-duty workbench, this 6-foot long bench (8-foot also available) is built to support up to 3,000 lbs. The legs are adjustable from 28-42 inches in 1-inch increments so you can set it to the perfect height for your use, no matter if you’re working from a seated or standing position.

At full height, you can pair it with a matching Husky base cabinet which fits perfectly underneath or any other cabinet under 37″. The solid wood top is 1.25″ thick and feels similar to a butcher block counter. It’s a good solid surface to mount your bench vise.

Weighing a bit over 100 pounds, this workbench is heavy. So while it make take a bit more effort to move around, you’ll always have a solid base to work on. No wobbling with this one.

The adjustable legs are a big selling point and gives this bench its versatility. While it’s made for a garage, it may just as well be a great craft table or sit/stand desk for the office. It’ll take a bit longer to assemble than the Gladiator unit as the pre-drilled holes don’t line up quite as well.

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#3 – Fleximounts WB201 4-Ft Workbench w/ Drawer

Fleximounts WP201 reviewThey make one of our favorite overhead garage storage racks and Fleximounts has another winner on their hands with the WB201 workbench.

The 48” x 24” work surface is made out of 1” thick varnish-coated rubberwood making it tough enough for garage use (it has a 3,000 lb. capacity), yet stylish enough to be used in a craft room or home office.

Work height is just over 37” and the adjustable feet allow for excellent stability. The integrated drawer (26.2” x 12.4” x 1.57”) allows you to store a few tools or supplies but it’s short enough to not get in the way if you’re sitting on a shop stool.

Assembly is super easy with perfect alignment of screw holes (we wish other brands were this precise). For most, it should take about 20 minutes to unpack and setup.

While it’s a bit smaller that what we’d like for a main workbench, it’s the perfect size for small garages, for indoor use, or as a secondary workbench for small projects or hobbies (like RC cars).

The Fleximount workbench is a natural competitor to the Seville Classics workbench below. It’s a tough call and while Seville Classics has a thicker wood top, we prefer Fleximount’s build quality, drawer, appearance, and price.

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#4 – Seville Classics UHD20247B 4-Ft UltraHD Workbench

best-workbench-2If you want a deluxe workbench straight out of the box, an excellent choice is this popular Seville Classics bench. Headquartered in the USA, Seville Classics Inc. specializes in home organization products, and their lighted UltraHD workbench is no exception.

It has a sturdy steel frame and 1-1/2 inch thick beech wood top, built to stand up to any project you are ready to undertake. The double drawers include liners to prevent scratching but replacing with better drawer liners with more cushioning is recommended. The unit comes with cantilevered shelves to give you even more storage space.

If you like to keep your tools close at hand, you will appreciate the pegboard back and 23 piece hook set. And not only does the fluorescent light give you plenty of visibility, it also includes a power strip for convenience.

With a total height of 64 inches (the worktop is 38 inches high), this workbench will need to have plenty of space to fit into the garage. The good news is that it only weighs 69 pounds, so you will able to move it around a little while getting it into place.

Keep in mind the top is only 4 feet wide. While it may be perfect for a small shop or shed or to use as a secondary workbench or reloading bench, you may regret not getting a larger workbench if you have the space for it. It might also be a good idea to add a shield around the light fixture, both to protect the light and to shield your eyes from direct exposure.

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#5 – Sevile Classics UHD20242 6-Ft 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench

seville-workbench-reviewIf your shop is currently stocked to the brim with tools, but you find yourself lacking in storage, then the Seville Classics UltraHD 12-drawer workbench should be exactly what you have been looking for.

This workbench features an extensive amount of storage space, making it ideal for home mechanics or woodworkers that need various tools and accessories at arm’s reach. The workbench is 72” wide, by 38” tall, making it perfect for most applications. It features the same quality and 1-1/2″ thick top as the smaller Seville model above.

Because of the ample amount of enclosed storage, you may realize you have no need for a standalone tool cabinet. Not only will you save space, but you’ll save some money.

If there’s one fault, it would feature a depth of only 20” which is slightly less than other benches. This may prove restrictive when taking on many larger projects.

However, this should be of little concern in a woodworking atmosphere when operating a lathe or belt sander, as little depth is required for the arrangement of power tools of this nature.

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#6 – BenchPro FPB2460 5-Ft Workbench

workbench-reviewsAmerican owned BenchPro has filled contracts for NASA, the US Army, and more, earning a great reputation for table and bench construction, and this steel frame workbench with a 1-inch thick particle board top is noted for ease of access.

It features a simple 60″ x 24″ tabletop design that is capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds at a height of 31 inches. What’s nice is that the BenchPro is available in a variety of sizes so if the 5-foot length is too short or too long, you can opt for a different size.

If you are looking for a heavy duty model, this probably wouldn’t be the best workbench for you, but it works perfectly as a shop table for projects that require 360 degree access. Unfortunately, the particle board top is not a finished surface, so you will need to seal it if you want to continue using it for years.

On the other hand, it’s an inexpensive workbench and the top is easily replaceable with a quick trip to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. You could even decide to upgrade to a hardwood top down the road if for instance you want a more stable surface to install a bench vise on.

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#7 – Husky 6-Ft Adjustable Height Work Table

best-adjustable-height-workbenchIf you’re in search of a lightweight, mobile workbench that is up to most any task of moderate size, then Husky has exactly what you need. The Husky 72” adjustable work table weighs around 145 pounds but comes with a set of premium 3-inch casters, making quick moves around the shop a breeze.

This workbench also quickly adjusts from 26” to 42” high with minimal effort. As a result, one should be able to tackle the vast majority of their projects in relative comfort.

We should mention that the Husky work table is not intended for use with excessive loads, as its 1-1/4” thick work surface only has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds which is mainly limited by the casters.

A failure to heed these limitations can result in product damage that is not covered under warranty. However, those that possess an understanding of this fact, should find exceptional value in this product’s wide range of versatility.

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#8 – 2x4basics Custom Workbench and Shelving Storage System

garage-workbenchDesigned to support up to 1,000 pounds, the American-made Hopkins 2x4basics is an alternative way to build a great workbench to your specs.

Instead of providing you with the table and shelf surfaces, the system provides you with supports and a shelf building system that you provide your own lumber for. That means you can have a workbench up to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide if you needed it. A 36″ worktop height is the only thing standard.

See Also: Best Garage Shelving Units

Keep in mind that the 2x4basics kit does not include any plywood or 2×4 boards, and that you will have to make a few 90 degree cuts using your table saw and/or miter saw when building it. Or have your local big box home improvement store cut the pieces for you.

The patented ShelfLinks accessories will allow you to create a custom workspace that includes top or side shelves, cut to fit exactly where you want it. It’s a pretty neat system of creating a custom DIY workbench without a lot of the headache.

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#9 – Husky 46-Inch Adjustable Height Work Table w/ Drawers

heavy-duty-work-tableThe Husky 46” work table is a basic, yet rugged workbench, at an exceptional price. This workbench can be moved about on a set of included casters, with little effort, making it perfect for small jobs around the shop or garage. Like other Husky workbenches, it has a 1-1/4″ thick top.

The Husky table varies in height from 26” and 42”, allowing comfortable use under a wide variety of circumstances. As a bonus, this workbench includes (2) 35-pound load capacity drawers for additional storage.

One point of note is that the Husky adjustable work table carries a reputation for being somewhat difficult to assemble. A number of users have expressed dissatisfaction at misalignment between pre-drilled holes, which can prove cumbersome to run screws through.

However, they also state that assembly can be successfully completed, with a little patience and a dose of manual persuasion.

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Workbench Buying Guide

workbench ideas

When selecting the perfect workbench for your garage or shop, several factors must be taken into consideration. By thinking ahead, and contemplating the answer to any product related questions that you might have in advance, you will be sure to locate the workbench that best suits your needs.

The following are several factors worthy of your consideration when searching for your next workbench.

Size Matters

The most important of all considerations when selecting a workbench for purchase is that which relates to size. The size of your workbench directly dictates the work which can be complete atop its surface.

The purchase of a workbench of ill-chosen dimensions is likely to leave you with regret, while a workbench that fits your specific application will likely become the focal point of your shop.

The size of a workbench can be broken down into three individual measurements: width, height, and depth.


When working on any project, it is essential to have a solid, flat surface at your disposal. A workbench that is not of sufficient width is woefully inadequate at meeting these needs. When forced to use it, much of your work will be left to dangle at each end, presenting significant headaches for all involved.

On the contrary, a wide-top workbench allows you to work uninhibited, with additional room to spare. A 6-foot wide surface will work well for most but it’s worth considering the 8-foot version of models that offer it if your have the space for it.


The height of a workbench has more to do with comfort, than it does available space. If you have ever worked at an awkwardly short workbench for an extended period of time, then you are likely all too familiar with the aggravating back pain that follows. Likewise, an overly tall workbench often leads to arm fatigue and relative discomfort.

When selecting a workbench of a fixed height, it is essential to locate a particular model that allows work to be conducted naturally. For additional versatility, an adjustable workbench can be purchased, which will allow you to make adjustments as necessary.

While 38 inches is a common height for many workbench tops, individuals over 6-feet tall would be better off with a 41 to 42 inch tall workbench. If you plan on sitting in a stool, an adjustable bench would be ideal.


Perhaps the most overlooked measurement of value when selecting a workbench is that which pertains to depth. Since most workbenches are positioned against a wall, a product of insufficient depth will leave you with nowhere to go but outward.

When working with a large object of any type, you will be left to balance your project before you, while leaning over it to tend to the task at hand. On the other hand, too deep of a bench top may make it harder to reach some items in the back for some individuals.

A 24 inch depth is fairly standard but make sure to pay attention to this dimension as many cheap workbenches can be much shallower.

What is the Best Material to Use for a Workbench Top?

workbench top material

Workbench tops come in several materials. However, not all are created equally. Some workbench tops provide additional benefits over their counterparts of a different composition. Among the most popular workbench top materials are ESD (elecro-static discharge), solid wood, butcher block, particleboard, and stainless steel tops.

In recent years, many have touted the numerous advantages of ESD workbench tops. These tops are extremely durable, can withstand massive loads, and are non-conductive, making them perfect for electrical projects. However, tops of this type also tend to be quite pricey.

Wood tops make a wonderful alternative to ESD products, as long as you do not intend to use solvents or harsh chemicals regularly. Opt for solid wood if possible as they offer the best durability/price combination. Additionally, stainless-steel tops are of significant value, if no electrical work is to be conducted.

How Thick Should a Workbench Top Be?

In the eyes of most, 2″ (give or take a bit) tends to be a good thickness for a workbench top but even 1″ or 1.5″ solid wood tops are plenty strong for most. If a top were to be much thinner than this, strength would suffer greatly, making it impossible to work on projects of significant bulk and heft.

On the other hand, workbench tops that exceed 3” or more in thickness may present difficulties when attempting to affix various work attachments to their surface.

How to Protect Your Workbench Top

A workbench top can be protected in multiple ways, with exact methods often being selected based upon the type of top that is to be sheltered from harm.

Wooden tops tend to be more susceptible to damage and require more in the way of protection. A rubberized mat can also be used in conjunction with a wooden workbench top, in order to minimize deep gouges and imprinting.

Many users also coat their wooden workbench tops in shellac, polyurethane, or beeswax to prevent the absorption of caustic chemicals. But in most cases, leaving a wood top unfinished is perfectly fine. Sure, it can get damaged/stained over time but a quick trip to Home Depot for a replacement workbench top and you’ll be back in business.

Stainless-steel workbench tops (though expensive) require little in the way of protection due to their structural integrity, though some do choose to cover a top of this type in a rubberized work mat of the proper size.

The DIY Workbench Option

Another option is put those woodworking tools to good use and build your own custom workbench. There are dozens of free plans available online for building a workbench to meet any special needs, including plans for a collapsible workbench that hides away when you are not using it.

The benefit of building the best workbench for yourself is that you can create exactly what you want, including shelves, drawers, a custom width and length, and more.

You could for instance build it to a size which fits perfectly inside that new outdoor shed you just bought or even so it’s flush with the top of the tool cabinet in your garage.

On the other hand, building completely from scratch might cost more than purchasing a fabricated workbench, not to mention that the ability to read or draw your own plans is imperative.

In the end, the DIY workbench is going to be a little more costly and a lot more work, but it will be a unique creation that conforms to your tastes and work habits in a way that no standard workbench would ever do.

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