8 Best Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kits for Beginners

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For fast cutting or welding jobs, the best oxy-acetylene torch kit should be easy to operate and lightweight. You’ll need hoses long enough to reach anywhere in the work vicinity, and control knobs that operate smoothly.

Portability is a major concern, because you never know where you will need to take the kit for your next welding task. A key thing to look for is that the hoses are supple enough to bend around corners, but strong enough not to kink.

Good oxy-acetylene torch kits do not have to meet industrial-use standards, but they should be UL tested and certified. These oxy-acetylene torch kit models come from well-established companies, but are designed for light to medium use rather than heavy-duty applications.

Most kits require the purchase of tanks while some include them. Purchasing your own tanks gives you the flexibility of determining what size you’ll need. For obvious safety reasons, tanks are always sold empty and will need to be filled or exchanged at any welding shop for full ones.

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Our 8 Favorite Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kits

ProductMax CutMax WeldHose LengthIncludes Tanks?
best-oxy-acetylene-torch-kit-2Harris Ironworker 510 DLX1"1/16"20 ftNo
victor-oxy-acetylene-torch-reviewVictor G150-J-P1/2"1/4"12.5 ftNo
oxy-acetylene-torch-kit-reviewMiller Electric MB55A-5105/8"1/8"20 ftNo
best-oxygen-acetylene-torchVictor Medalist 2501/2"5/64"20 ftNo
portable-torch-kitHobart 7705021/2"3/32"20 ftNo
cutting-torch-setLincoln Electric KH9901"1/16"12 ftYes
cutting-torch-kit-with-tanksAmeriflame TI350T1/2"1/8"12.5 ftYes
beginner-oxy-acetylene-torch-kitCampbell Hausfeld WT400000AV1/2"1/4"15 ftNo
Note: "Max Cut" and "Max Weld" values based on included tips. Purchasing optional tips can increase these limits.

Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit Reviews

#1 – Harris Ironworker 510 DLX Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit

best-oxy-acetylene-torch-kit-2If you are currently in search of a QUALITY oxy-acetylene unit that comes backed by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty, then the Harris Ironworkers 510 DLX kit should be the perfect solution.

This kit includes everything one needs to begin welding (up to 1/16″ with included tip), cutting (up to 1″ with included 2-piece tip), and heating (with the exception of tanks), and is available for purchase at a reasonable price point. Good quality regulators, safety glasses, striker, 20-ft. hose, and carrying case are also included.

When it comes to recommended oxy-acetylene torch kit brands, Harris and Victor always seem to be at the top of the list when you ask around or check online forums. Both include quality components. Harris tips are some of the best in the biz so we’ll give the edge to Harris.

Much like other oxy-acetylene torches, virtually all of the rare consumer complaints center around leaking or non-functioning regulators. However, with a 7-year warranty, this should be of little true worry to those considering such a purchase.

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#2 – Victor G150-J-P Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

victor-oxy-acetylene-torch-reviewIf you are in search of an on-the-go solution to all of your torch related needs, then the Victor Technologies G150-J-P should make an ideal selection.

This kit comes with all of the same accessories as the company’s base kit mentioned below yet includes a convenient carrying tote, which securely stores a user’s miniature oxygen and acetylene tanks.

One can simply purchase a set of personal size tanks for a minimal fee, and begin work.

A number of consumers have stated that the oxygen regulator included in this kit is not compatible with the thread pattern of today’s standard tank configurations. However, this can be easily remedied by picking up an alternate regulator or locating an appropriately sized adaptor.

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#3 – Miller Electric MB55A-510 Tough Cut

oxy-acetylene-torch-kit-reviewThe Miller Electric MB55A-510 is a premium grade torch kit, which is sure to be ideal for tackling even the toughest of weekend projects.

This kit includes a cutting attachment, torch handle, heating head, welding nozzle, striker, and pressure regulators. Miller’s tough-cut torch is also compatible with all Smith brand tips and nozzles.

Some consumers have stated that the Miller Electric Kit’s striker is of rather low quality. Luckily, this is rather incidental in nature, as this does not affect overall torch operation. Replacement strikers can be easily purchased for a modest fee.

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#4 – Victor Medalist 250 Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

best-oxygen-acetylene-torchThis Victor Technologies torch kit is the perfect choice for those looking to take on all types of in-shop or on the farm projects. This set comes complete with a medium-grade 20′ x 3/16″ hose, a basic torch set, regulators, two nozzles, soft-sided goggles, and a striker.

The Victor kit is capable of making up to 1/2” cuts, or 5” cuts with the use of optional tips, and welding metal up to 5/64” thick.

Some consumers have reported issues with the kit’s regulators beginning to leak over time. While this is indeed worth considering, such concerns appear to be relatively infrequent, when compared to the number of Victor units sold annually.

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#5 – Hobart 770502 Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

portable-torch-kitThe Hobart Medium-Duty Oxy-Acetylene Kit should be ideal for anyone who needs a set of quality torches at their disposal when the inevitable need arises.

This kit is capable of cutting metal up to 1/2″ thick or 6” thick (with optional tip), and welding metal as thick as 3/32″ or 1/2” (with optional tip).

While the Hobart kit is intended for use with acetylene, it can also be used with propane, by switching to the use of an optional tip.

When purchasing the Hobart 770502 torch kit, it can be helpful to check the accompanying regulators from time to time. While the kit’s regulators are generally deemed to be of high-quality, some consumers have expressed concerns over leakage-related issues.

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#6 – Lincoln Electric KH990 Port-A-Torch Kit

cutting-torch-setAnyone with an interest in welding will recognize the Lincoln name. This Lincoln Electric oxy-acetylene torch kit is a great intro to oxy-acetylene welding and pretty much ready to go right out of the box. All you need is to get the tanks filled/exchanged at any welding supply shop.

The portable kit includes a 12 foot welding hose, 20 cu ft. oxygen tank, 10 cu ft. acetylene tank, torch handle, cutting attachment, welding goggles, oxygen and acetylene regulators, welding and cutting tips, mixer, and flint striker.

As-is, it can cut up to 1-inch and weld up to 1/16-inch. Add larger tips and a bigger acetylene cylinder and the numbers go up to 4-inch and 1/2-inch respectively.

Compared to other all-in-one torch kits, the quality and fit/finish is right up there. Tanks are DOT certified so you won’t have any issue getting them exchanged for filled ones. The whole setup is lightweight and the nylon shoulder straps allow for easy portability.

While it may not match the performance of a full size kit, you’re also paying a fraction of the price. Out of all the “portable” oxy-acetylene kits, this is a great option for beginners.

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#7 – Ameriflame TI350T Oxygen Acetylene Torch Set

cutting-torch-kit-with-tanksAn Ameriflame portable oxy-acetylene torch is considered a good option for light applications. The small tanks it comes with make it especially portable as a complete unit, but they do not hold enough gas for extended use.

The connectors are standard, though, and you can easily hook the torch up to larger tanks when you need them. The hoses are tough enough to stand up to dragging them around the work area, but at 12.5 feet, they are not long enough to give you much freedom of movement. The goggles that come with the kit interfere with a clear field of vision and are too heavy for wearing more than a few minutes at a time.

The TI350T does not come with as many tips as the Campbell Hausfeld kit below, but you can add your own tips at a reasonable cost. As long as you are not hoping for a heavy-duty torch kit, you should be happy with this model, and the plastic carrying stand makes it easy to keep all of your parts together, even if you have to tote the setup a long distance to use it on location.

The tanks are shipped empty, and hold 10 CF of acetylene and 20 CF of oxygen. This isn’t enough for any major work, but will do nicely for small jobs in confined or hard to reach areas. There are better options but the Ameriflame will still do.

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#8 – Campbell Hausfeld WT400000AV Oxy-Acetylene Torch Kit

beginner-oxy-acetylene-torch-kitCampbell Hausfeld is a leading manufacturer of inexpensive tools, and the WT400000AV is a good example of what sets the company apart. The torch is designed to fit your hand comfortably, so you can hold it as long as necessary without tiring your hand or wrist. The kit has everything you need except the gas, but connects to all standard tanks for easy use.

If you have non-standard tanks, you may need to purchase adapters separately before connecting the gauges, but those are readily available at any tool supply company. The kit includes 5 tips to fit most common uses, along with accessories such as a striker tool and safety glasses.

The hose is a dual-line combination which bends well, and being able to store the hose inside the case gives it extra protection for a longer life.

The accessories are not as well designed as the rest of the kit, and you may prefer replacing them with higher quality products. For example, the safety glasses are little more than dark goggles, and scratch easily, which makes it hard to see what you are doing. A welding helmet or full-face shield will give you more protection and a wider field of vision.

The striker is not very well made, but will work as long as you are not too rough with it. For a budget kit, it does the job.

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Benefits of Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Oxy-acetylene torches can be used successfully in almost any circumstance that requires a source of heat, providing that ample workspace is available.

This is of significance, especially when one considers the relative expense of such a set of oxy-acetylene torches. Such a kit can often be purchased for 500 dollars or less and offers many uses.

Another benefit of oxy-acetylene use is that a kit of this nature can prove to be rather portable, despite the notions of many. While both oxygen and acetylene bottles can be somewhat heavy and awkward, they can also be wheeled around effortlessly on a specialized cart, or be placed into the back of a truck for transport.

Oxy-acetylene torches also tend to be quite simple to use. One can learn to accomplish basic tasks, such as heating and making simple cuts, with little practice.

Even more intricate tasks, such as cutting bearings from a spindle and blowing out broken bolts can be mastered with a few afternoons’ worth of practice.

Common Uses

Oxy-acetylene torches can be used to complete a variety of tasks. The following are several of the most common oxy-acetylene torch uses.


Oxy-acetylene torches can be used to heat metal for any number of purposes. In many cases, torches of this nature are used to heat stubborn nuts and bolts, or the surfaces to which they are fastened.

Doing so causes a thermal reaction, which often breaks rust and other forms of corrosion. Heat can also be applied to metal to make it malleable before bending.


Oxy-acetylene torches are also used to make cuts in metal. Metal is heated until becoming molten and is then blown away with a sudden burst of oxygen.

This method of use is commonly applied when attempting to cut materials of sufficient length, or when trying to notch metal surfaces for proper fitment.


brazing oxy-acetylene

Oxy-acetylene torches can also be used when attempting to braze a pipe or fitting. Brazing is a term used to describe filling a hole or other open office by pooling molten metal into a void.

When brazing, the metal must be heated to a sufficient degree, in order to melt a filler rod as intended.


In a pinch, an oxy-acetylene torch can be the ideal solution to many of your welding needs. Torches of this nature can be used to create a molten puddle, into which a gas welding rod can be dipped.

This welding rod is thereby melted, binding both molten surfaces together upon cooling.

Removing Broken Fasteners

Broken fasteners can be removed quite simply with the use of an oxy-acetylene torch. These fasteners can be rapidly heated, and then blown from their fixed location, without harming surrounding surfaces that have not yet been heated.

Preheating Prior to Welding

Many fabricators use oxy-acetylene torches to preheat metal before welding. This practice is employed when one particular surface is disproportionately thick, in comparison to the surface to which it will be bonded.

The thicker of these two surfaces is heated prior to welding, in order to provide better penetration when laying a bead.

Where Can I Fill Acetylene and Oxygen Tanks?

cost to fill oxy acetylene tanks

Filling oxy-acetylene tanks is often far less problematic than one might assume. Tanks of this nature can often be filled at an individual’s local farm supply or hardware store.

Alternatively, most any city of modest size is home to a gas distributor. These distributors are often the same suppliers that deliver propane to heat gas-heated homes and typically handle oxy-acetylene related refills.

How Much Does it Cost to Fill the Tanks?

The price to fill a set of oxy-acetylene tanks generally fluctuates with time. This fluctuation is dictated by market averages, as well as natural supply and demand. However, prices of this nature typically remain consistent enough to provide us with relative averages. 

On average, small personal use acetylene tanks (7.5 LBS) cost approximately $25-$30 to fill, while the largest jumbo tanks (174 LBS) typically cost $170-$180 to fill.

Likewise, small personal use oxygen tanks generally cost $20-$30 to fill, while the largest oxygen tanks on the market typically cost less than $150 to fill.

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