9 Best Knee Pads (for Flooring, Construction, and Tile Work)

type of knee pads
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If you have ever spent any length of time crawling on concrete while plumbing a house, completing HVAC projects, navigating crawlspaces, or working construction, then you are well aware of just how painful this can be.

After only a few hours in such an environment, one’s knees begin to swell and bruise. However, a quality set of professional knee pads or shin guards can go a long way toward keeping such discomfort at bay.

The most comfortable of these products can completely eliminate knee pain (or back pain), keeping you on the move for more hours than you might have otherwise thought possible.

The following are several of the industry’s best knee pads for professionals whether it be construction, carpentry, flooring, tiling, plumbing, painting, or electrical work.

Our 9 Favorite Knee Pads

ProductPad MaterialFastenerMade In
best-knee-pads-for-flooringProKnee AP16FoamQuick Relase BucklesUSA
best-knee-pads-for-workToughBuilt TB-KP-G3GelVelcro/ClipChina
flooring-knee-padsTroxell USA 17-209NeopreneVelcroUSA
knee-pad-reviewsSuperiorBilt PlatinumFoamQuick Snap ReleaseChina
knee-pads-for-tilingMilescraft KneeBladesGelHook & LoopChina
rolling-knee-padsMaxxHaul 80748Foamn/aChina
construction-knee-padsCustom Leathercraft 361FoamStrapsChina
good-carpenter-knee-padsNoCry NCPKP-V1Gel/FoamQuick Relase BucklesChina

Knee Pad Reviews

#1 – ProKnee AP16


Talk to 10 professionals in the flooring or construction industry and one name in knee pads will consistently be brought up. Made in the USA, ProKnee makes arguably the best knee pads for work on the market.

If you’re in search of a one-size fits all approach to superior knee protection, then the ProKnee AP16 knee pads are worthy of your attention. These knee pads are meant to not only cushion the abuse that your knees are subjected to, but also assist in keeping your joints in proper alignment, in order to reduce joint fatigue.

ProKnee AP16 knee pad review

It is worth mentioning that some users have expressed concern over the heavier than average construction of these knee pads. This might be something to keep in mind for those that move about frequently throughout the day, but should be of little concern to those who operate in a stationary environment.

For average DIYers, ProKnee may be a bit overkill, but for professionals, they’re unmatched for all-day comfort.

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#2 – ToughBuilt TB-KP-G3 GelFit

best-knee-pads-for-workIf you have grown tired of ill-fitting knee pads in the past, and are searching for a new pair that fit like a glove, then ToughBuilt Gelfit ergonomic knee pads should be just what you have been looking for.

These knee pads utilize a proprietary gel cushion and foam design to provide a snug fit throughout your entire knee and lower leg area. They look high-tech but it’s no gimmick. They move with you and stay in place so you’re not having to constantly re-adjust.

Because of their durable construction, they’ll likely outlast most other knee pads. You won’t have to worry about fabric wearing out or straps breaking. That said, they are bit bulkier than others.

While the ToughBuilt knee pads are an excellent choice for numerous applications, use while roofing is best avoided. These knee pads are known to feature a slick exterior surface, which can be quite hazardous when working on elevated surfaces.


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#3 – Troxell USA Supersoft XL Leatherhead

flooring-knee-padsThe Troxell USA Leatherhead knee pads take a basic, yet meaningful, approach to knee-joint protection. These USA-made knee pads are engineered to provide optimal strength, comfort, and durability.

With an enclosed foam core, the Troxell USA Knee Pads are virtually puncture-proof, and feature comfortable, yet durable, leg straps that are ideal for all day use.

As of late, some concern has been raised that Troxell has actually changed the composition of leather used in the production in these knee pads, with the latter being far less durable.

While all agree that the Leatherhead is still one of the most comfortable of knee pads available, many feel as if they do not last as long as in the past. This unfortunately is becoming more common among brands (here’s looking at you Craftsman!). But for American-made knee pads, they’re still an excellent value.

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#4 – SuperiorBilt Platinum


SuperiorBilt Platinum knee pads are likely to make a good choice for those who have grown quite tired of sub-par knee pads, which are ultimately little better than wearing no pads at all.

These knee pads are extremely lightweight and offer some of the thickest padding of any product currently available on the market. This makes them one of the most comfortable knee pads you can wear.

Some users have experienced durability-related issues with the SuperiorBilt pads. Most of these complaints center around repeated failure of the product’s leg straps, which are said to separate after periods of heavy and prolonged use. However, many don’t experience this issue even after months of hard use so it appears to be a QA issue.

While this may become a problem at some point for professional tradesmen, little issue should be expected during periodic usage by the average home owner.

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#5 – Milescraft KneeBlades

knee-pads-for-tilingIf you spend most of your time on the move, yet still spend a considerable period stooped over on any given day, then the Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades (rolling knee pads) should make the ideal choice. They roll smoothly which can save you a lot of time and effort over the course of a job.

These knee pads feature tapered gel inserts for next-level comfort, and can be used to effortlessly get around as needed. The wheels on the KneeBlades are also non-marring by design, thereby preventing unnecessary messes.

Some users state that the Milescraft KneeBlades are far too heavy for conventional use. At a bit over 3 pounds a piece, there is little doubt that they would likely be cumbersome in a standing position of any type.

However, if you plan to work in a singular location for the duration of the day, this should be of no issue. Knee skates, like tire skates, are a great idea for some and Milescraft executes the idea surprisingly well.

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#6 – MaxxHaul 80748 Rolling Knee Creeper

rolling-knee-padsThe MaxxHaul rolling knee creeper should be ideal for those who find themselves moving about on a continuous basis, while reaching for supplies. This product serves as a heavy-duty mobile knee pad, that should be extremely durable thanks to its high impact ABS frame.

Perfect for floorers, tilers, and even mechanics, the knee creeper also includes a built in handle for easy transport, which should further aid in mobility.

Due to the single-piece design of this product, some consumers find difficulty when attempting to move in a side to side manner, or when attempting to navigate at tricky angles. However, in the bulk of standard applications, little issue should be anticipated.

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Before purchasing the MaxxHaul rolling knee pads, one should consider the exact manner in which they intend to use this product.

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#7 – CLC Custom Leathercraft 361 Ultraflex

construction-knee-padsIf you’re currently searching for an economically priced set of knee pads, which are inherently durable, then CLC Uniflex knee pads should be worthy of your consideration.

These knee pads feature a Sure-Grip non-marring surface, and high-density, closed-cell foam inner pads. Due to this design, you can expect to experience all day comfort, and notable longevity.

It is worth noting, that a number of users find these knee pads to be somewhat bulky, and limited in their range of movement. For this reason, the Custom Leathercraft knee pads might be best reserved for stationary use, though movement is possible, when done in a calculated manner.

But for the money, Custom Leathercraft knee pads are hard to beat. The company also makes a good, economical tool belts as well.

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#8 – NoCry NCPKP-V1

good-carpenter-knee-padsIf you put long hours in during a work week, and consider knee pads to be essential work wear, then these NoCry knee pads have the potential to be a game changer. There’s good reason why they’ve been a best-seller since being introduced a few years ago.

These knee pads are designed for all day comfort, and feature highly-breathable 600D polyester mesh. Perhaps best of all, is the fact that the NoCry pads are priced to sell, making them affordable on most any budget.

In the past, some users have questioned the durability of the NoCry professional knee pads. However, subsequent design changes seem to have remedied the bulk of these issues. One can now expect to experience moderate durability when used on a regular basis.

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#9 – DeWalt DG5204

dewalt-professional-knee-padsKnown more for their power tools, DeWalt’s Professional series knee pads are designed to stand the test of time, thanks to their durable ballistic-poly construction. This is a characteristic that is favored by tradesmen the world over.

These knee pads feature a proprietary buckle system, which promotes simplified adjustment. DeWalt knee pads are also renowned for their pronounced staying power, which minimizes the need for constant readjustment. This is a quality which is often hard to come by among many similar products.

A number of consumers cite a lack of breath-ability associated with these pads as a point of discomfort. While this should be of no issue in cooler climates, one might consider a different option if they routinely work in hot-humid climates.

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Work Knee Pads Buying Guide

type of knee pads

Types of Knee Pads

Today’s knee pads come in many different forms, each of which serve their own designated purpose. The following are the most popular knee pad varieties, and what makes each special.

Hard-Cap Knee Pads

Knee pads of this variety are perfect for working on softer surfaces, where the ability to slide to and from are of immense importance. However, these knee pads are less favorable on extremely hard surfaces.

Flat-Cap Knee Pads

Flat-cap knee pads are ideal for those who work on a wide variety of surfaces, and require all day comfort. Thanks to their specialized design, these knee pads are capable of heavy and prolonged use, without any ill-effects.

Curved Soft Caps

Curved soft cap knee pads are quite popular, especially among those in the flooring business. These knee pads are perfect for use on a variety of surfaces, and allow for a reasonable amount of movement without difficulty.

Do You Wear Knee Pads Over or Under Pants?

good flooring knee pads

The vast majority of those who wear knee pads, wear them on the outside of their pants. This largely comes down to a matter of accessibility, as well as comfort.

By wearing knee pads on the outside or your pants, strap pinch can be minimized and removal or adjustment can be done quickly. 

While this tends to be a prevalent practice among most circles, some individuals do indeed place their knee pads underneath their pants instead. 

Can You Wear Knee Pads All Day?

You certainly can wear knee pads all day. In fact, some tradesmen do so, purely out of necessity. Many within the carpet and flooring industry work at a continuous pace, with little stoppage, while counting on their knee pads to spare them from extensive pain.

When attempting to wear knee pads for the duration of the day, it is important that these pads be relatively breathable, extremely durable, and capable of maintaining their fitment.

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What About Knee Pad Inserts?

In recent years, a number of manufacturers have begun offering pants that feature removable knee pad inserts. These inserts are said to minimize knee fatigue and eliminate pain.

By most accounts, knee pad inserts are useful when only brief crouching or kneeling is to be expected, but are unable to match the integrity of stand-alone knee pads for extended use.

The use of these pants with removable knee pad inserts would also be contingent on the fit of the pant, if the padded knees did not fall in the right place, they would be of little use to a person.

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