20 Garage Hacks You Can Do Today

garage storage hacks
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Garage hacks will either help you get more out of your garage or help you get more done in it. Sometimes, both of those things are the same, and the best garage hacks will always involve making the most of things and space that you already have available.

Some of these hacks you probably already use, but we’re sure there are also some in this list that you haven’t tried before.

Top 20 Garage Hacks

#1 – Cheap Ceiling Storage

DIY overhead bin storage idea

Install rails on your ceiling for holding plastic storage bins. Index the contents of the bins for later retrieval. Family Handyman has a great tutorial.

Alternatively, you can purchase pre-made rails from Home Depot. Much cheaper than a store-bought overhead storage solution.

#2 – Shop Vac Hack

shop vacuum pantyhose hack

Put a piece of old pantyhose over your shop vacuum to picks up screws or nails. Place a cloth or plastic over the hose when done to capture the pieces when you turn the vacuum off.

#3 – Pegboard Tool Storage Hack

pegboard slide out tool storage

Cut sections of pegboard to fit inside a cabinet which you can store tools on and simply slide out when you need them to save valuable space elsewhere in your garage.

#4 – Protect Your Manuals

To protect your various original manuals (car manuals, tool manuals, repair manuals, etc.), make copies of the pages you need. These can be reused later, and new pages added as needed without damaging the original documents.

#5 – Label With Markers

A permanent marker is indispensable. Better yet, keep an assortment of colors. Use them to label everything. You will be glad you did.

#6 – Easy Temporary Labels

When labeling things, put the label on a small piece of tape. This will allow you to easily change, for example, a canister content label as necessary.

#7 – Know What’s in a Storage Box Without Opening

Use the permanent marker to label storage boxes with a number. Use a spiral notebook on the wall to store indexes of each box for easy lookup of a specific item. While you’re at it, clean out any excess clutter.

#8 – Notes and Documentation

Hang a spiral notebook near your work area. Use it to keep track of vehicle information, oil changes, parts specifications, etc.

#9 – Easy Pick-up of Tiny Metal Objects

To pick up small metal objects, turn a sandwich bag inside out, place a magnet inside, and pick up the pieces. Turn the bag right-side out, and they are easily stored.

#10 – Reuse Food Containers

Small canisters and containers are invaluable for storing things. Altoids cans, for example, are perfect for an assortment of drill bits while coffee cans are fantastic for storing screws or nails.

#11 – Storing Tools With Belt/Pocket Clips

An old hacksaw blade, 2 screws and a couple of washers will create a handy storage rack for items that have belt or pocket clips. Works great for tape measures, permanent markers, and many other tools.

#12 – Repurpose Extra Mouse Traps

Mouse and rat traps are great storage clips. Drill a hole in one end, and hang your gloves on the pegboard for easy access.

#13 – Chucks and Adjustment Tools Storage

Store chucks and adjustment tools for other devices or tools in a single location. This will allow you to always know where the tools needed to adjust another tool is located.

#14 – Seasonal Wall Rack Storage

Use wall racks for yard tools, bicycles, lawn umbrellas, etc. Rearrange twice a year to put seasonal items in locations that are easier to get to frequently.

#15 – Soap for Sticky Doors/Drawers

Sticking doors and drawers can often be remedied with an ordinary bar of soap. Rub a small piece of soap on the area that is sticking, then work the joint a few times.

#16 – Nail Starter

To prevent banging your own fingers with a hammer, use a comb to hold nails or tacks when starting them.

#17 – Under Shelf Storage

Use screws to attach lids of small jars or bottles to the underside of a shelf. The jars can be used to store a variety of screws, nails or fasteners, and then screwed onto the lid.

#18 – Cheap Lawn Tool Storage

Attach small pieces of PVC pipe to the wall to easily store lawn and garden tools.

#19 – Bag and Tag Parts

Keep a variety of different sized zip-loc bags on hand to bag and tag parts and fasteners for later reference. For simplicity, list the vehicle or project it belongs to.

#20 – Easy Re-Assembly

Use egg cartons or ice cube trays when disassembling things. Place items into the cups in order of removal, and use labels where necessary


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