9 Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks to Free Up Garage Space

best overhead storage racks
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The best overhead garage storage rack is easy to install and use, holds a lot of items, and supports enough weight to be useful. All of the overhead garage racks featured here offer a different set of features, but each one is also a great example of how a small device like a garage rack can free up an amazing amount of floor space.

Whether you have a 1-car, 2-car, or 3-car garage, space always seems to be at a premium as we acquire more and more “stuff”. If all you’re doing is storing the family Christmas ornaments and some Styrofoam balls, a high fixed rack will do fine, but storing heavier, bulkier things may require a little more innovative design.

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Our 9 Favorite Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

ProductSizeCapacityRack HeightWeight
best-overhead-garage-storageSafeRacks SR-4x8-W4' x 8'600 lbs18" to 45"82 lbs
overhead-garage-storage-racksFleximounts GR48B4' x 8'600 lbs22" to 40"60 lbs
garage-ceiling-storageGladiator GearLoft4' x 8'750 lbs23" to 37"71 lbs
best-garage-storage-liftRacor PHL-R4' x 4'250 lbs6" to 96"47 lbs
hanging-garage-storageFleximounts GR363' x 6'450 lbs22" to 40"40 lbs
best-tire-storage-rackHyLoft 01000 Tire Rackn/a400 lbsn/a49 lbs
wall-mounted-tire-storage-rackHyLoft 01031 Tire Rackn/a300 lbsn/a15 lbs
ceiling-mounted-garage-storageHyLoft 0054045" x 45"250 lbs17" to 28"24 lbs
above-garage-door-storageE-Z Garage Storage Glide Sliden/a450 lbsn/a47 lbs

Overhead Garage Storage Rack Reviews

#1 – SafeRacks 4×8

best-overhead-garage-storageAs a household name in garage storage systems, SafeRacks products are found near the top of many wish lists. Their 4′ x 8′ overhead storage rack (in powder coated white) is their most popular product and for good reason.

The heavy duty construction (it weighs about 80 pounds) allows it to support 600 pounds when evenly spread out without any hint of sagging. While similar racks require installing an addition 2 vertical posts in the middle, the heavy-duty middle cross brace here is more than strong enough so you save time on installation.

SafeRacks offers two different ceiling drop options (18″ to 33″ and 24″ to 45″). The option you choose will mainly be dependent on the height of your garage ceiling. Obviously, the longer ceiling drop will allow you to store more items but you need to make sure you don’t go too low where the rack will get in the way.

SafeRacks overhead storage review

It is worth mentioning that a few consumers have expressed concerns over the heartiness of the kit’s included lag bolts. Several of these concerns centered around the breakage of these bolts during installation. While the great majority will have zero issue with the hardware, an appropriate amount of caution should be taken during the installation process of ANY overhead storage system.

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#2 – Fleximounts 4×8

overhead-garage-storage-racksGood things fit into small places, and the Fleximounts overhead storage rack is a great example. The rack is made of powder-coated steel for durability and measures 4 feet by 8 feet, but that little size can support a whopping 600 pounds — the maximum weight traditionally framed ceilings are rated for.

The space between the rack and the ceiling can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches to give you some versatility. Best of all, it comes as a kit that is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. While it’s possible for one person to install, it’s highly recommended to get a 2nd person to help you out (your shoulders will thank you).

The Fleximounts 4×8 storage rack works great, but isn’t perfect. Some users have reported the center slightly sagging when it’s loaded up to near capacity. If you plan on approaching the 600 lb limit, you may want to keep the heavier items close to the ends of the rack as opposed to the middle.

It’s similar to when you load up a shelf in your garage fridge with 24 cans of soda or beer. If you put everything in the middle, the wire shelf with flex or sag. Or simply look at a heavier duty rack.

But for most people, they won’t even come close to the weight limit. A few owners have reported a couple missing nuts or bolts in the box but the company’s customer service was top notch when it came to taking care of these issues. Available in black, white, or hammertone (dark gray) finish.

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#3 – Gladiator GearLoft 4×8

garage-ceiling-storageThe Gladiator GearLoft should be ideal for almost any homeowner who is skeptical of the idea of how overhead storage will look in their garage. This unit features an adjustable height range, which varies from 23” to 37”, making it the perfect candidate for most any job. This also allows consumers to customize the manner in which this product fits in place, while in use.

A few users have stated that the Gladiator overhead storage rack has a tendency to sag in the middle when loaded to its 750-pound capacity. While this might present concern, such issues can be minimized by carefully considering the weight of all items that are to be stored.

Available in white or hammered granite finish. Covered by Gladiator’s 10-year warranty.

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#4 – Racor PHL-R 4×4

best-garage-storage-liftThe PHL-R is another innovative design worth taking a look at. The rack is compact, measuring only 4×4 feet, but it is durable enough to lift a maximum weight of 250 pounds. But what makes this model stand apart is the unique pulley and cable design used for raising or lowering the storage platform (similar to overhead bike racks).

The gear system makes it easy to lift a rack full of equipment, while the simple design cuts down on parts that wear out over time. Installation is fast and easy, but the lack of supplemental hooks and hangers cuts down on how useful the rack can really be out of the box. But if you want easy accessibility, this elevator type lift is hard to beat.

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#5 – Fleximounts 3×6

hanging-garage-storageIf you are the owner of a home that features tall garage ceilings and are looking for the perfect overhead storage rack to meet your every need, then the Fleximounts overhead storage unit would make a great selection.

Like its larger 4×8 variation above, this product has been tested to ensure sturdy use when loaded up to capacity (450 pounds in this case). Additionally, the Fleximounts unit adjusts to a depth of up to 40”, when height becomes a concern.

It’s worth pointing out that the instructions provided with Fleximounts garage storage solutions are known to be vague and somewhat confusing. Therefore, it is best to take your time when installing this unit and consult these instructions in advance for additional clarity.

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#6 – HyLoft 01000 Heavy Duty Wall-Mounted Tire Rack

best-tire-storage-rackIf you are a gearhead at heart who spends your weekends working on your car, truck, or motorcycle, then the HyLoft heavy duty tire rack may be the perfect solution to all of your tire storage needs.

This wall-mounted storage unit adjusts in width from 34”-48”, making it ideal for storing tires of almost every size. Additionally, this unit features a black powder coat finish, for increased durability.

You’ll notice the build quality is more robust than the competition. The high sides secure tires better than competitors’ designs and the overall build quality just seems more heavy duty. In total, the tire rack can easily hold up to 400 pounds of tires.

For those with dedicated tires for winter, racing, or just as a backup, a good tire storage rack is an easy way to free up some garage space. Keep in mind that tires mounted on rims are not light so you should mount the rack in an easily accessible area when putting them up or taking them down. Even then, other tire storage alternatives may be better options for some individuals.

On a side note, a few consumers have experienced issues regarding missing hardware, upon taking delivery of the HyLoft tire rack. Though issues of this nature now seem to be a thing of the past, one should check the contents of their package in a timely manner, and contact the manufacturer if any components are missing.

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#7 – HyLoft 01031 TireLoft Wall-Mounted Tire Rack

wall mounted tire storage rackIf your tire storage needs aren’t quite as intense as the rack above and you want to save a bit of money, this HyLoft folding TireLoft is a great option. This overhead, wall-mounted tire rack can be adjusted in width from 32”-48”, and features a working weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s constructed with a silver powder-coated finish, which should look rather striking in any garage that it is found.

As noted by certain consumers, one should avoid over tightening the hardware associated with the HyLoft TireLoft. Over tightening of this hardware has been known to cause binding within the unit’s folding action.

However, when this hardware is slightly loosened, such issues cease to present themselves. Take it slow during installation and getting a good result is easier than you think.

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#8 – HyLoft 00540 45″x45″ Overhead Storage System

ceiling-mounted-garage-storageThe Hyloft 540 is the most basic of the garage storage racks we review. It is not much more than a wire suspension rack supported by 4 metal bars. This is also the smallest storage rack on our list, and measures only 45 inches on a side.

A small footprint does not mean a weak rack, though, and this model is still capable of holding up to 250 pounds.

The Hyloft 540 does not come with hangers, but it is really geared toward a simpler, more straightforward application. If you main goal is an affordable metal storage rack, this model fits the description without any unnecessary frills to jack up the price.

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#9 – E-Z Garage Storage Glide Slide Tote Organizer

above-garage-door-storageIf you are a fan of keeping your garage tidy, yet clutter has gradually crept in, then the ceiling mounted Glide Slide from E-Z Garage Storage is an excellent way of taking back your garage.

This storage system work differently than typical overhead racks. With the Glide Slide, you install a series of tracks in your ceiling which common 27-gallon totes (the black ones with yellow lids). Each tote can weigh up to 35 pounds and you can store up to 9 totes with each system (add as many as you’d like).

It’s the perfect application for those looking to store seasonal winter wear, home decor, or the occasional odd keepsake out of the way and organized. Installation is easier than your typical overhead storage rack.

The actual totes are not included but a quick run to your local big box store will get you taken care of. Or simply purchase totes online at Home Depot.

The cost of the Glide Slide system is its biggest negative. If it doesn’t fit your budget, Tote Trac is a less expensive alternative but you’ll need more sets to hold the same amount of totes as Glide Slide.


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Is Overhead Garage Storage Safe?

When properly installed, the use of overhead garage storage products is completely safe. However, the devil is in the details.

If you have a few seasonal items that you wish to get out of your way, or simply need to make the best possible use of available space, then overhead storage serves as an excellent option. However, if you often find yourself pushing the bounds of what can be safely stored in various locations, then storage of this type is best avoided.

Any product used outside of its intended purpose can prove unsafe, with overhead storage being no exception. Each product of this nature comes with its own predetermined operating capacity. It is important to remember that these figures are not suggestions, but instead serve as a weight that should not be exceeded for any reason.

If all operating instructions are followed, and installation has been handled as specified by a product’s manufacturer, there is virtually no risk of structural failure when utilizing overhead storage products. Storage receptacles of this type have been engineered to sustain loads of a specified weight for extended periods of time, without cause for concern.

What Types of Items Should Be Stored Overhead?

garage storage solutions

By their very nature, overhead storage racks are intended to remain out of the way. Therefore, accessing any item that has been stored in such a manner, is not always the easiest of chores. With this in mind, one should carefully consider the items which they intend to place in overhead storage.

As a general rule, one should avoid storing any item in an overhead manner, which must be accessed on an ongoing or frequent basis. If you use a garden hose to water your garden several times a week, storing an item of this nature in an overhead fashion will likely prove counterproductive. This is especially true when a ladder is required to access items stored in this way.

On the other hand, seasonal items, such as Christmas lights and Halloween decorations make excellent candidates for overhead storage. Items of this type are generally used one time a year, before being stored away for months on end. These items can be stored overhead, without eating away at valuable space below.

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How Difficult is it to Install Yourself?

Installing overhead garage storage can be a somewhat cumbersome chore, even for the avid DIY handyman. While the general mechanics of such an operation are seldom difficult, hoisting the various components associated with such a product can be quite awkward, to say the least.

The complexity of such a project can also vary significantly, based upon the type and size of the storage receptacle selected for use. Naturally, smaller, light-duty overhead storage units will be much easier to install, than their large, heavy-duty counterparts.

In most cases, two able-bodied individuals, each with a reasonable amount of DIY experience, can install an overhead storage unit in a couple hours, with little trouble. The majority of such products can also be installed with the use of basic tools (cordless drill, drill bit, socket set, wrench, stud finder, mallet), which most avid DIY enthusiasts already possess.

How Much Does Professional Installation Cost?

The exact cost associated with the professional installation of overhead garage storage can vary substantially and is dependent upon several factors. The cost of professional installation increases in parallel to the size of the unit that is to be installed. Simply, larger, heavy-duty overhead storage units will cost much more to install, than lightweight alternatives.

As a general rule, homeowners should factor in an additional 25%-35% for the cost of installation, over the initial cost associated with the storage unit that is to be purchased. While rates often differ from region to region, this metric will provide you with a ball-park figure to work with.

What if You Have High Garage Ceilings?

Many homeowners question whether or not they can utilize overhead garage storage, due to the taller than average height of their garage ceilings. Luckily, however, a number of products are available for purchase that caters to this specific need. 

Many of today’s overhead storage units now feature drop-down features, which allow consumers to vary a unit’s depth, depending upon their specific needs. As a result, storage racks of this nature can be used in garages of almost any height, without issue. 

In order to locate the perfect overhead storage unit for your garage, you should measure the distance between your garage’s ceiling, and the desired point of access for the rack in question. After doing so, selecting the perfect overhead storage is as simple as locating a rack that features an adequate drop-down to accommodate these needs.

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