POLL: What are the Best Tool Brands?

Updated on August 10, 2022

With so many tool companies out there, we thought it would be fun to get our readers’ opinion on what tool brands YOU think are the best in the biz.

Obviously, the poll results will be a bit subjective since some swear by a brand they’ve always used even though they haven’t had experience with other brands.

Final Poll Results

1/3/21 Update: The poll is now closed. We plan on doing a similar poll in the future. Here are the FINAL RESULTS:

Best Power Tool Brand

    1. Milwaukee (25%)
    2. DeWalt (23%)
    3. Makita (15%)
    4. Bosch (8%)
    5. Snap-On (7%)

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Best Hand Tool Brand

    1. Snap-On (17%)
    2. Craftsman (13%)
    3. Milwaukee (7%)
    4. Mac Tools (6%)
    5. Klein Tools (6%)
    6. Stanley (6%)

Best Air Tool Brand

    1. Ingersoll-Rand (19%)
    2. Snap-On (17%)
    3. DeWalt (11%)
    4. Chicago Pneumatic (8%)
    5. Bostitch (8%)

Brand Used Most

    1. DeWalt (16%)
    2. Craftsman (14%)
    3. Milwaukee (13%)
    4. Snap-On (7%)
    5. Makita (6%)

Since no tool brand will be best at everything, we’ve broken the polls down to different categories including types, classes, and power sources. We’d love to get your take on what you think is the best tool company out there.

Simply select the tool brand in each poll category and click the “Vote” button at the bottom of each poll. Feel free to add a new tool brand if you don’t see your favorite brand in a poll.

[Sorry, the poll is now closed]

Comments are also encouraged and will be helpful to those with lesser tool experience. Let’s have fun with this!

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Which brand makes the best POWER TOOLS?


Which brand makes the best HAND TOOLS?


Which brand makes the best AIR TOOLS?


Which brand do you USE MOST?


6 thoughts on “POLL: What are the Best Tool Brands?”

  1. like to learn which tools have the best or tighter tolerances, example the size of the open wrenches, Snap-On has 0.5002 for the 1/2″ wrench.

    • This would be really hard to put together. The premium brands would likely have this info available but probably not the others.

  2. The majority of people dont have easy access to tools like Snap On Mac or Cornwell so they dont know the extreme quality compared to others. Yeah they are expensive but if you use tools 10 hours a day every single day you will understand the price and the great service that comes with it.


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