Hex Key (Allen Wrench) Sizes (w/ Conversion Chart)

Allen wrench sizes

It’s pretty much a given that when you buy anything from Ikea, it always comes with a bent, hex-shaped piece of metal that’s needed to make the screws fit. These tools are hex keys, although you may know them better as Allen wrenches and they can be found pretty much everywhere these days. Unlike traditional … Read more

9 Best Utility Knives (Foldable, Retractable, and Hidden)

best utility knives

There are certain tools that an individual can almost certainly count on being present in every garage. Each of these tools tends to be frequently used, and make life easier for the avid DIY enthusiast. Of these tools, few are quite as common as the utility knife. The use of a quality utility knife makes … Read more

Types of Hose Clamps (w/ Sizes Chart)

types of hose clamps

Back in the day, home mechanics would fix broken exhaust pipes using a tin can and a couple clamps. In more recent years, it’s become illegal to jerry rig a car in this fashion, but hose clamps remain an essential tool in numerous fields. Whether you’re working on your car, doing some plumbing, or even … Read more

Torx Bit Sizes (w/ Charts)

torx bit sizes

One of the biggest problems with straight and Phillips heads are their ability to slip when there’s more torque than grip. This can lead to stripped heads and a greater risk of personal injury. Several types of screwdriver have been created to combat this flaw, including both the Allen wrench and Torx driver. There’s a … Read more

8 Best Framing Hammers to Last a Lifetime

best framing hammers

There are certain tools that are a staple among contractors, and framing hammers are at the top of the list. Many in the construction industry have a favorite model they’ve settled on and say it’s the best framing hammer in existence. Others are still looking to find “the one”. At one time, the heaviest framing hammer … Read more

Hole Saw Sizes and Their Uses (w/ Chart)

hole saw sizes

Typically, when you need to drill a hole, you reach for a drill and bits. But when it comes to larger holes, you’re going to need something bigger, such as a hole saw. Sometimes referred to as a hole cutter or holesaw, this special type of drill bit is an absolute necessity for creating medium-sized … Read more

7 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners (Restore Dull Drill Bits)

best drill bit sharpeners

If you find yourself a regular at your local home improvement store replacing old drill bits, consider reviving them with a drill bit sharpening tool. These tools are safer than trying to sharpen your drill bits by hand and can save you a lot of time, money, and the frustration of having to replenish your … Read more

7 Best Pick and Hook Sets for Precision Work

hook and pick sets

Interestingly enough, the best pick and hook set is usually the set which has a special tool that you need right now. To that end, you should look for a complete set that includes all of the commonly used items. The length of the shaft and feel of the handle are going to be important, … Read more

9 Best Caulking Guns (Manual, Cordless, and Pneumatic)

types of caulk guns

Specialized tools make finishing a job much easier, and sometimes, you can’t do a job without them. For example, it is quite tricky, if not impossible, to finish a job where you need to seal with caulk if you don’t have a good caulking gun. These helpful tools enable you to lay straight lines in … Read more