8 Best Miter Saw Stands (With and Without Wheels)

best miter saw stands
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Every carpenter, whether an avid proponent of DIY work or a seasoned professional, knows the importance of achieving clean, accurate cuts. When attempting to make precise crosscuts, few tools are as significant in value as a good miter saw. However, often overlooked is the value of a quality miter saw stand.

A miter saw stand aids in stability, making it even easier for one to make every cut count. This in itself is of significant value, as uniformity is key when attempting to complete any project, free of visual defects. Many premium miter saw stands are constructed of heavy-duty components and feature a significant range of adjustment.

It is of immense importance to only purchase a miter saw table that is of the highest degree of quality, or else risk letting instability wreck your efforts, no matter how diligent. The following are 8 of the best miter saw stands currently available for purchase.

Our 8 Favorite Miter Saw Stands

ProductWeight CapMaterial CapHeightWeightWheels
best-miter-saw-standBosch T4B Gravity Rise300 lbs18 ft33.5 in77 lbs8"
heavy-duty-miter-saw-standDeWalt DWX726300 lbs8 ft32.5 in67 lbs8"
rolling-miter-saw-standRidgid AC9946300 lbs9.5 ft33.5 in67 lbs12"
saw-horses-standDeWalt DWX723500 lbs16 ft32 in35 lbsn/a
stand-for-miter-sawRidgid AC9960400 lbs9 ft32.5 in40 lbs8"
miter-saw-stand-reviewsMakita WST06500 lbs8.5 ft33.5 in34 lbsn/a
best-portable-miter-saw-standRyobi Quickstand300 lbs9 ft34 in42 lbsn/a
portable-stand-miter-sawPowertec MT4000330 lbs6.6 ft31.9 in40 lbs8"

Miter Saw Stand Reviews

#1 – Bosch T4B Gravity Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand

best-miter-saw-standIf you are in search of a portable miter saw stand that is capable of taking on sizable projects, then you will likely appreciate the Bosch Gravity-Rise stand. This stand weighs in at 76.7 pounds, has a 300-pound weight capacity, and is rated to handle up to 18-feet of material, which is currently the highest material capacity of any portable stand on the market.

The unit also features Bosch’s patented Gravity-Rise System for rapid setup, 8-inch pneumatic wheels (nice!) for easy transport, and Rapid release tool mounts for multi-brand compatibility. It’s no wonder the Bosch T4B is one of the most recommended miter saw stands for professionals.

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It is worth noting that some users have encountered compatibility related issues with certain saws, especially those that do not feature a square base. In particular, several people stated that they encountered difficulties when using Hitachi brand miter saws. However, it appears that no such issues are experienced when used with saws that feature a standard style base.

Sure, it’s a bit heavier than some other stands but its high material capacity, ease of setup and takedown, and sturdiness when working makes it worth it. Right now, this is the best miter saw stand with wheels that’s currently available.

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#2 – DeWalt DWX726 Miter Saw Stand w/ Wheels

heavy-duty-miter-saw-standThe DeWalt DWX726 is perfect for those who move from location to location with each project and require a stand that can be stored in a vehicle without using up a vast amount of space.

In its folded position, the DeWalt DWX726 measures only 59.5 inches by 17 inches. Additionally, this 67 pound stand is constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel and is capable of supporting 300 pounds.

In its fully deployed form, the DWX726 is also capable of managing 8 feet of material at once at a 32.5 inch working height and is adaptable to support most any miter saw on today’s market.

Though the DWX726 can indeed be stored in an upright manner while using up minimal storage space, a number of users have noted that it will not stand in place, without some form of anchoring. Therefore, it might be necessary to prop this stand up in a corner when in storage, or bungee cord it in place in the back of a vehicle while in transit.

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#3 – Ridgid AC9946 Universal Mobile Miter Saw Stand

rolling-miter-saw-standIf you’re looking for a portable miter saw stand that is both rugged and dependable, yet priced economically, then the RIGID AC9946 is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This 67 pound stand is built with durability in mind and features industry-leading 12-inch wheels, which provide superior mobility. The AC9946 stand also utilizes a single step release for quick setup and is compatible with most standard dimension 8″, 10″, or 12″ miter saws.

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When assembling the Ridgid mobile miter saw stand, it is advisable to allow enough time to prevent being in a rush. Several consumers have stated that the assembly instructions provided with this stand leave a lot to be desired.

However, with a little patience, and a couple of hours at your disposal, you will be ready to tackle even the most taxing of projects head-on.

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#4 – DeWalt DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand

saw-horses-standThe DeWalt DWX723 miter saw stand should be the ideal choice for any consumer who is in search of a heavy duty stand, that is lightweight enough to be packed anywhere.

Weighing in at only 35 pounds, it is safe to say that this stand could be easily packed over the shoulder of most adults. The DWX723 also features a best-in-class working capacity of 500 pounds and can support 16-feet of material at any one given time.

Additionally, this unit also offers a 32 inch working height and easily adjustable work supports to aid in any endeavor. When factoring it’s low weight, high holding capacity, and durable construction, many would argue the DeWalt DWX723 being the best portable miter saw stand in existence and it’s hard to disagree.

However, it is worth mentioning that some users have expressed concerns regarding the way in which the DeWalt stand’s locking mechanisms coupled to the miter saw being used. Most of these complaints centered around these locks being somewhat awkward to operate, though most also stated that this problem was overcome with a little practice.

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#5 – RIDGID AC9960 Compact Miter Saw Stand

stand-for-miter-sawIf you are currently searching for the perfect small, yet sturdy miter saw stand that is more than capable of standing up to almost any task thrown its way, then the RIGID AC9960 is for you.

It’s lightweight (40 lbs.) and compact enough to be stored in tight confines, yet robust enough to support 400-pounds of weight at any one given time. Additionally, the AC9960 features built-in leveling pads for use on uneven ground, adjustable arms for added convenience, Quick-Release mounting brackets for rapid saw removal, and capacity to hold 9 feet of material.

Some have reported difficulty when rolling this unit during transport, due to the narrow spacing of its wheels. This is an issue that is by no means exclusive to this RIGID model, as similar difficulties have been cited in regards to virtually every rolling miter saw stand on the market today.

In essence, this is just simply something one must keep in mind when attempting to remain mobile at a job site. Like other RIDGID tools, the AC9960 is one of the best miter saw stands for the money.

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#6 – Makita WST06 Folding Miter Saw Stand

miter-saw-stand-reviewsThe Makita WST06 miter saw stand is robust in its construction, yet not in size. This stand features an impressive 500-pound operating capacity (tied for highest), although it weighs merely 33.5 pounds (lightest out of our picks), making it one of the strongest products, pound-for-pound, on our list.

The WST06 stand also features a durable aluminum feed roller and adjustable material stop, as well as large solid rubber wheels for easy transport.  It supports material up to 8.5 feet in length.

While many refer to the Makita WST06 as one of the best portable miter saw stands currently available, others have expressed a level of dissatisfaction toward the unit’s wheel spacing. Like other stands of this type, the wheel spacing is cited as being too narrow, making it difficult to traverse rugged terrain.

However, having the option of wheels is better than no wheels at all and this unit remains light enough that it can be momentarily lifted if need be.

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#7 – Ryobi Quickstand Universal Miter Saw Stand

best-portable-miter-saw-standThe Ryobi A18MS01G “Quickstand” should make the perfect option for the avid DIY carpenter, as it is built in a solid enough manner to withstand frequent use, yet is marketed at an economical price point.

It features a 300-pound weight capacity, 9-foot material handling capacity, and a 34-inch working height (the highest from our list). At 42 pounds, it’s fairly easy to transport despite its lack of wheels.

The Ryobi stand also features integrated leveling pads for maximum versatility, high-quality material stops for precision cuts, and premium quick-release mounting brackets for simplified setup and take down.

For added peace of mind, Ryobi also backs all of the Quickstand units with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

While this Ryobi stand is ideal for at-home use, it might not be the best choice for tradesmen. Some users have expressed concerns regarding the need to repeatedly tighten various unit adjustments during prolonged periods of use. However, this is unlikely to be of issue, unless used tirelessly, for hours on end.

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#8 – Powertec MT4000 Portable Miter Saw Stand

portable-stand-miter-sawIf you typically use multiple power tools in a given setting and are tired of wrangling drop cords, then the Powertec MT4000 portable miter saw stand should spark your interest. While it’s not a big-name brand, it’s a good budget pick when you consider its quality.

This 40-pound stand features an integrated 110V 3 outlet power strip which allows users to keep multiple tools at the ready, without any need to plug and unplug tools unnecessarily. 

Additional features of the MT4000 include a 330-pound operating capacity, 8-inch industrial-grade wheels, and universal quick-release mounting brackets. With only a 6.6-foot material handling capacity, it’s not made for handling long pieces of material.

One relatively common complaint voiced by consumers regarding the Powertec stand relates to the inability to store the unit itself with a saw still attached. While this issue is relatively minor in severity, this might be something to keep in mind for tradesmen, who are frequently on the go.

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Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Types of Stands

Miter saw stands can be broken down into several different types. The most prominent of these types are as follows.

#1 – Traditional Stand

A traditional miter saw stand features two individual sawhorses, which support a singular plank. While this type of stand certainly serves its purpose, it can be cumbersome to move, and therefore is not well suited to mobile use.

#2 – Compound Stand

Compound miter saw stands generally feature two legs, and are known for their rigidity. Stands of this type also utilize a metal work platform or surface, onto which the miter saw in question is placed.

#3 – Table Top Stand

As their name would suggest, tabletop miter saw stands essentially serve as a table-like work surface, onto which a miter saw is typically bolted. Stands of this type are typically versatile enough to accommodate most any size of a miter saw.

#4 – Rail Miter Stand

Rail miter stands feature an elongated rectangular frame, from which four individual legs deploy. While one would be tempted to think that such a design would be unstable, this is simply not the case. Rail miter stands are known for their heavyweight capacities and rugged construction.

#5 – Wheeled Folding Stand

Wheeled folding stands tend to be a favorite of those on the go, because of their portability. These stands feature a set of wheels at one end and stabile legs at the other. Wheeled folding stands are released into the upright position with the press of a single detent, and collapsed in a similar manner.

Does a Miter Saw NEED a Stand?

do you need a miter saw stand?

At the very least, a stable work surface is required when attempting to make quality cuts with the use of a miter saw. In some cases, one might choose to use a pre-existing workbench, providing enough free space is available.

However, doing so does not account for any needs related to portability, nor does it prove feasible when inevitable clutter wreaks havoc on such a work surface.

So no, a stand is not required in many cases but it makes working MUCH more enjoyable.

Are Miter Saw Stands Universal?

Whether or not a miter saw stand is universal varies from one model to the next. In recent years, manufacturers have strived to meet the needs of every consumer by designing their miter saw stands to be compatible with many particular saws.

Most stands will accommodate most 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch miter saws. However, the only way to ensure that your saw is compatible with a certain stand is by comparing the dimensions between the two.

With Wheels or Without (Which is Better?)

The decision of whether to purchase a miter saw stand with, or without wheels, is best determined by considering how such a stand is to be used.

If you make a habit out of working in various locations or are a carpenter by trade, then a wheel-based stand comes highly recommended. However, if you intend to work in a sole location, such as a garage, then a wheel-less stand should fit the bill.

DIY Miter Saw Stand (Can I Build One?)

If you are simply needing a stationary stand for miter saw use, then it’s entirely possible to build your own. In fact, there is an abundance of plans for such projects currently available for download on the internet.

However, you must also consider all expenditures related to a project of this nature (wood, hardware, and time) in order to determine if anything is actually gained over simply purchasing a stand at a reasonable price.

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