Parts of a Ladder (with Diagrams)

stepladder parts

When attempting to reach overhead objects, few tools are of as much value as a ladder. Ladders allow us to reach the unreachable and make the best possible use out of space in our garages and homes. While ladder use is relatively straightforward, most individuals never stop to consider the true value of each ladder-related … Read more

27 Different Types of Ladders (and Their Uses)

types of ladders

One seldom considers the value of a ladder, until they are attempting to reach what would otherwise be unreachable. When we pause to think about our day to day lives, we quickly realize that ladders of one type or another play a pivotal role in virtually all that we do. From activities surrounding work to … Read more

7 Best Step Stools (for Safety and Portability)

best step stools

Unlike the traditional step ladder, the step stool is designed for giving you just enough of a height boost for reaching areas in your kitchen, shop, or garage you otherwise couldn’t get to. It has the added benefit of providing you with a portable seat for working at multiple locations. While many of the best … Read more

13 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Close (or Won’t Open)

garage door won't close

Back in the day, garage doors were simple panels of wood that lifted up and slid into the ceiling. By comparison, a modern garage door types is a complicated device, relying on several subsystems to properly function. Some of these sub-assembly systems control the door’s movement, while others are safety features that ensure the door … Read more

8 Best Garage Door Openers (Fast, Quiet, and Secure)

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Once upon a time, people would get out of their car and open the garage door by hand. Then someone came up with the nifty idea of a remote controlled garage door. The result was an invention notorious for noise, slow movement, getting stuck, and breaking. Today, the original vision of an automatic garage door … Read more

7 Best Ladders for Home or Jobsite Use (6-Ft and 8-Ft)

best ladders

Owning a good step ladder can make life easier in a number of common (and uncommon) chores. From cleaning windows and gutters to changing bulbs and cleaning the display space above your kitchen cabinets, there are plenty of times when the best ladder for the job will also be your best friend. The most common … Read more

7 Best Lighting Ideas for Your Garage or Shop

best interior garage lighting

It’s a common scene in fiction: A person walks into a workshop or smithy. The room is dark, smoky, and lit mainly by a few faint lamps or tube lights, with red hues dancing about the walls from a forge. Now try to picture yourself working in a similar environment. In truth, most forges and … Read more

5 Best Garage Parking Aids for the Perfect Park Job

best garage parking aids

Chances are, at some point you’ve come home from a long day only to find your car just doesn’t want to fit into the garage. Perhaps it’s just a tight squeeze, or maybe the amount of clutter opposite the door has made it hazardous. For the longest time, the hanging tennis ball method used to … Read more

4 Types of Garage Openers – Which is Best?

garage door opener types

Have you thought about replacing your old garage door opener or do you want to add modern convenience to your old manual garage door? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves, but once you’ve decided to add extra functionality to your garage, the next obvious step is to ask yourself “what kind of garage door … Read more

5 Best Driveway Alarms to Notify You of Unexpected Visitors

best driveway alarms

Those that live in a rural area or on a large property probably do so for the quiet and privacy this entails. Your kids can safely play outside by themselves and your dog has plenty of room to run around. Unfortunately, this can also create a unique type of security concern. When your home sits … Read more