EGO vs Ryobi (Which is Better?)

EGO vs Ryobi

Today, DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike are presented with a greater selection in tools than ever before. However, no area of this industry has grown as significantly over the past several decades as that surrounding the manufacturing and sale of battery-operated power tools.

To say the least, this sector of the world-wide market is enormous. In a way, this presents an issue in its own right as many consumers are left rather confused when determining which specific brand of tool to invest their money in.

This often leads individuals to compare a number of brands, based upon one or more factors of value. Two such brands that are often compared include EGO and Ryobi, both of which showcase a sizable presence in the worldwide power tool market.

The following guide is intended to assist consumers in making this comparison, by grading EGO and Ryobi on a wide range of criteria, in a side-by-side fashion. As such, we hope to provide you, the reader, with all of the necessary information to make an informed purchasing decision.


Although EGO and Ryobi have very different histories, they both have become a mainstay in the world of tools. From their earliest days, each of these manufacturers has strived to produce and offer nothing but the most premium of products.

The following is a brief summary of EGO and Ryobi’s rise to popularity.

About EGO Tools

EGO tools logo

The EGO brand was born in 1993, when its parent company Chervon was founded. Although EGO is a relative newcomer to the world of portable power tool technology, the company has worked hard to make a name for itself by producing quality power tools. Chervon, itself, would go on to serve as a mainstay of the power tool manufacturing scene; a role in which it still fulfills today.

Chervon’s desire to fulfill a known need within the power tool market was the reason behind the birth of EGO. The leaders of Chervon felt that consumers would appreciate a battery-powered alternative to traditional gasoline-powered lawn equipment. In a bid to capture a share of this market, Chervon introduced the EGO brand.

In 2012, EGO Power+ debuted in the American market. Consumers responded positively to EGO’s new, job-specific product lineup, as year-one sales outpaced initial projections. This excitement led to the brand’s launch in the European market in 2014. 

Since the company’s birth, EGO’s focus has been on the production of a sustainable line of battery-powered lawn care and outdoor-specific power equipment. EGO sales are thriving in this sector of the power tool marketing world. EGO has also made a habit out of expanding its product line with regular frequency.

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About Ryobi Tools 

Ryobi logo

Ryobi Tools was formerly known as Ryobi Limited when it was founded in 1943. Metal die-cast items were made during these early days of the business. The firm expanded its manufacturing operations into the realm of plastic die-cast products in 1954. 

In 1968, Ryobi debuted as a power tool manufacturer. These efforts were quickly successful, with customers showing an interest in this expanding world of home improvement. Ryobi, on the other hand, continued to create many different items.

The company’s overall market position was actually quite poor, yet it appeared to be focused on selling other items rather than their power tool line. This resulted in the company’s brand being licensed to third-party manufacturers who created power tools under their own brands.

Ryobi sold its stake in the American power tool industry in 2000, and it sold any remaining stakes in the company’s power tool business to the Kyocera Group in 2018.

Currently, all Ryobi power tools are manufactured by Techtronic Industries for distribution throughout North America. Milwaukee is another renowned power tool maker that is under the TTI umbrella.

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Many consumers place much emphasis on the origin of their purchases. The origin of where their purchase is manufactured has as much influence on their decision-making as does the product itself. 

The following is a breakdown of EGO and Ryobi’s current production practices.

Where Are EGO Tools Made?

Chervon North American HQ (EGO parent company)
Chervon (EGO parent company) North American HQ

Chervon Tools, a Chinese-based manufacturing firm, which is headquartered in Nanjing, China, is the parent company of EGO tools. The bulk of Chervon’s manufacturing takes place in China, but also outsources some of its production to Germany. 

Although EGO refers to itself as a “global brand”, it has a significant presence in America. Though no manufacturing takes place within the United States, the brand’s main marketing and administrative offices are located in the state of Michigan.

Where Are Ryobi Tools Made? 

where are Ryobi tools made?

Ryobi Tools is a Japanese company that was founded in Hiroshima, Japan. The primary financial center of Ryobi Tools is in Chicago, Illinois, although one of the company’s major financial offices is in Tokyo, Japan.

Although the majority of Ryobi tools are produced in China, the firm has several production units throughout Japan.

Ryobi has just one manufacturing facility in the United States as of right now. This factory is located in Shelbyville, Indiana, and produces specific accessories under a brand name. Ryobi has twelve manufacturing plants in six different countries across the world.

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Product Line

EGO and Ryobi have both worked hard to fulfill the needs of consumers, thereby offering comprehensive lines of power tools. Both of these manufacturers have plenty to offer the average consumer.

The following is a general overview of EGO and Ryobi’s product portfolios.


EGO product line

Since the company’s birth, EGO’s product lineup has always been geared specifically toward outdoor power equipment. This is a trend that continues today and serves as a driving force in EGO’s continued efforts. There are very few power tool companies that offer as extensive a lawn care and maintenance-related product catalog as EGO.

EGO has based its entire product lineup on the idea of limitless battery interchangeability. All EGO lithium-ion batteries can be utilized to power any EGO-branded piece of power equipment. This allows consumers to successfully achieve their everyday chores without lugging around multiple batteries for their numerous tools. 

EGO’s product catalog most notably includes string trimmers, pole saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. However, many consumers are surprised to find out that EGO also offers a select line of battery-powered mowers. This ranges from small household push mowers to larger commercial-grade riding mowers.

EGO also offers its own comprehensive lineup of portable charging stations, accessories, and even lights. This allows consumers to source all of their yard chore-specific needs straight from EGO, without turning to competing brands for any perceivable reason. From string trimmer twine to safety glasses, EGO has you covered.


Ryobi power tools

The company’s most popular product line, the 18V One+ series, includes over 260 distinct tools, batteries, and accessories. This allows customers to use fewer batteries and chargers to get the job done. These same batteries are still effective for Ryobi’s existing tools from over 20 years ago.

Ryobi’s 18V One+ series includes tools such as saws, drills, impact guns, nails guns, and grinders. This same battery pack is also compatible with a wide range of specialty battery-operated yard equipment such as lawn mowers, string trimmers, blowers, and string trimmers. Furthermore, Ryobi provides a variety of companion tools such as lights, fans, and job site radios.

Ryobi also produces a range of high-power 40V tools for tackling the most difficult outdoor yard maintenance tasks. There are over 75 products in this category, including chainsaws, lawn mowers, trimmers, and blowers.

They’re heavier than their 18V counterparts but offer greater performance and battery life. All chargers and items from this family utilize the 40V Lithium battery.


EGO and Ryobi have both kept pace with consumers’ needs in power tool design and production, even though their lines differ.  This has allowed each to serve as innovators in their own right.

The following are several of EGO and Ryobi’s most renowned technical innovations.


EGO battery

Arc Lithium Technology

EGO maintains that they offer the hardest working of all portable battery packs on the market today. The company achieves industry-leading performance by using its Arc Lithium Technology within its compact 56V battery pack.

EGO’s Arc Lithium battery packs supply long lasting power for all tools from hedge trimmers to mowers. 

Commercial-Series Power

Now even commercial lawn care specialists can now find favor in EGO’s numerous products. Recently, EGO unveiled their own line of commercial-grade outdoor power tools, intended for use by the hardest working of all industry professionals.

Products within this series include chainsaws, pole saws, and string trimmers, all of which are designed with productivity and durability in mind for the toughest workplaces. 

All-Electric Zero-Turn

All new for 2022, EGO has produced a revolutionary all-electric zero-turn lawn mower. This mower operates using the company’s famed Arc Lithium battery technology, providing substantial power, and unbelievably lengthy run times.

EGO’s zero-turn mower is capable of mowing up to 4-acres on a single charge, when equipped with six battery packs. 


Ryobi battery

18V One+ HP Brushless Motors

The Ryobi One+ HP brushless motors are designed to reduce vibration and noise while also providing greater power and durability. These power tools provide a more comfortable user experience, resulting in less fatigue.

Link Storage Solutions

In terms of power equipment, Ryobi has also pioneered a novel and highly practical approach to organize and store various power tools. The Link Modular Storage gives buyers choice and mobility by combining totes, shelves, and bins. All items in this series are compatible with any Ryobi battery-powered tool that feature universal locks.

USB Lithium Tools

The Ryobi USB Lithium Power Tools are a line of cordless power tools manufactured by Ryobi that gives you both convenience and mobility when working on smaller DIY tasks. This collection of tools includes a portable power cutter, carver, and rotary tool, all powered by a USB Lithium battery.

The small lithium battery has a USB-C charging port and an LED charging indication as well as being rechargeable via any one of the lithium power tools for portable and compact mobility.

Warranty and Service

With the demands that consumers exert upon their tools, at home and the job site, they must have confidence in the warranty that backs their purchase. Few characteristics are of more value when purchasing a tool than the warranty and customer service that stands behind said tool. 

Below are the most critical details surrounding EGO and Ryobi’s warranty policies.


EGO tool warranty

EGO offers a class-leading warranty, backing each of their individual power tools with a 5-year limited warranty policy. This warranty protects against any material or workmanship-related defects, for the duration of the policy.

However, this policy does not cover against damage resulting from unauthorized repairs or misuse. Any such claims can be initiated directly through EGO.

Each of EGO’s battery packs comes with an unparalleled 3-year warranty policy. Although this warranty is for personal, household use only. This warranty protects consumers from untimely battery failure, and the general inconveniences that accompany such a situation.

EGO has established a specialized customer service hotline, which further seeks to negate any potential issues with the company’s products. This line features extended weekly business hours, along with weekend hours as well.

EGO provides additional specific warranties on other products such as:

  • Commercial Series Tools: 5 years/household, 2 years/professional
  • Commercial Battery Packs and Chargers: 3 years/household, 2 years/professional
  • 10.0Ah and 12.0Ah battery: 2 year extended warranty
  • CHV1600 charger: 5-year limited warranty


Ryobi warranty

The majority of the 18V Ryobi power tools come with a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Any tool that is determined to be faulty in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced for free, according on this warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or due to mishandling.

Ryobi offers a similar 5-year warranty on their 40V Lithium-Ion battery-powered power tools. This warranty covers any and all types of manufacturing or workmanship flaws.

EGO vs Ryobi: And The Winner Is…

Ryobi logo

Without exception, EGO and Ryobi are both known as powerhouses within the modern battery-operated power tool industry. As such, a purchase from either of these companies would be quite easy to justify. However, there can be only a single winner in our side-by-side comparison of brands.

It is our opinion that Ryobi carries a slight advantage over EGO in terms of overall brand value. This stems primarily from the fact that Ryobi’s product catalog is significantly more diverse, thereby meeting the needs of a larger group of consumers.

On the contrary, EGO caters more specifically to the lawn/garden sector of the power tool industry, leaving those in search of garage-oriented tools without recourse.

We also feel that Ryobi’s longevity as a brand proves pivotal as well. Ryobi has been around significantly longer than EGO, leaving little doubt as to the brand’s staying power. On the other hand, EGO’S history is relatively short-lived, dating back little more than a decade. For many, this might be somewhat concerning, understandably so.

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