10 Best Poles Saws for Quick and Easy Pruning and Trimming

best electric pole saws
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Often resembling a Japanese naginata, the pole saw is a must-have for properties with lots of trees. These long-handled cutters may be powered (like mini-chainsaws) or manual and can cut tree limbs that are too high to reach with a normal limb saw.

The following include manual, cordless, corded, and gas-powered models and are all easy to use and can make trimming even the tallest limbs a breeze. If you only have a handful of small branches to cut, a pruning saw may be a better option (although not as fun).

Our 10 Favorites

best-pole-sawRyobi ONE+ P436118V8"6.5 to 9.5'7.4 lbs
best-manual-pole-sawSilky 179-39Manual15.5"8 to 21'6.9 lbs
best-electric-pole-sawEGO MPS100156V10"6 to 10'15.2 lbs
cordless-pole-sawGreenworks 2067240V8"5 to 8.5'8.4 lbs
extended-tree-prunerFiskars 393981-1001Manual15"7 to 14'5.4 lbs
pole-saw-reviewsBlack+Decker LPP12020V8"6.5 to 10'10.4 lbs
best-gas-pole-sawRemington RM25PSGas8"7 to 12'13.9 lbs
pole-saw-for-professionalsEcho PPT-2620HGas12"9 to 12'17.0 lbs
pole-prunerSun Joe SWJ807ECorded10"6.5 to 9'12.0 lbs
landscaper-pole-sawJameson LS-6PKG-6Manual16"6 to 18'10.0 lbs

Pole Saw Reviews

#1 – Ryobi ONE+ P4361 18-Volt Cordless Chainsaw (Best Electric)

best-pole-sawThis handy lithium-ion battery powered pole chainsaw comes with an extension to allow to extend from 6.5 feet to 9.5 feet. The 8-inch bar and chain can cut branches up to six inches in diameter, even in tight spaces, thanks to the in-line motor and angled cutting head.

The included 18-volt battery charges in as little as 30 minutes and is compatible with the rest of the popular ONE+ tool line. The automatic oiling system includes a clear reservoir window so you always know when a refill is due.

Best of all, this tool and its accessories are all backed by a three-year warranty so you can focus on the task at hand. The Ryobi ONE+ has it all so it’s not only one of the most popular pole saws around, it’s arguably the best pole saw for the money.

Ryobi pole saw review

The battery holds up pretty well on average for the Ryobi, although the diameter of branches you’re cutting can affect the battery’s lifespan. The blade length helps ensure good cutting length, while the superstructure is lighter than with comparable models to allow for more control.

As with most powered pole saws, this model can be difficult to balance when using the extension, as it lacks a counterweight. A few owners have also run into durability problems due to the amount of plastic used in construction.

While this reduces the overall weight (important), it can also make the business end more fragile when bumping around in a tight space.

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#2 – Silky Professional Hayauchi 179-39 Telescopic Pole Saw (Best Manual)

best-manual-pole-sawExtending from eight feet to an amazing 21 feet in length, this telescoping pole saw has a total reach of up to 26 feet. Its shaft is oval-shaped so you’ll always know the blade’s orientation while adding to the overall strength.

The 15.5 inch curved blade of this pole pruner can be adjusted between two separate angles and includes an upper and lower sickle to help with cutting vines and bark respectively.

Silky telescoping pole saw review
Credit: Garden Ambition

To ensure the poles remain rigid, spring-loaded locking buttons and safety friction clamps work together to ensure every bit of effort translates all the way to the blade regardless of your pole length. A custom black plastic cover is included to protect the blade when not in use.

When not fully extended, the shape and multiple aluminum layers of the shaft provide excellent stability with very little weight. This makes it easier to move around, while the hooked blade ensures a better grip on the target branch. The blade itself cuts really well and has impressed several users with how quickly it goes through branches.

A lot of users have found problems with the telescoping system, noting that there’s no catch to prevent you from pulling the extensions completely out. When fully extended, the pole is still pretty flimsy due to the blade weight and the hollow nature of the shaft but with that long of a reach, it’s to be expected.

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#3 – EGO MPS1001 56-Volt

best-electric-pole-sawPossibly the best electric pole saw for those who want firm control over their cuts, the MPS1001 is part of EGO’s POWER+ Multi-Head System and has a grip handle on the power head similar to that on weed whackers.

The pole saw attachment is ten inches long with automatic lubrication and the tool itself extends up to ten feet. This tool employs a narrow-kerf sprocket nose, double guard bars, and a high efficiency brushless motor. Meanwhile, the 56-volt, 2.5 Ah ARC lithium battery helps ensure you won’t run out of power halfway through a job.

This is a very quiet tool with amazing battery life. It also has proven easy to assemble and disassemble for landscapers and other owners on the go. Users note that it cuts very well when the chain’s sharp.

Some owners have noted that the chain seems to dull a bit too easily on this model. This might be related to the way the oil reservoir sometimes won’t function when over half full. Ordering replacement parts can be a hassle due to the way EGO’s system is set up, making these issues far more annoying than they otherwise should be.

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#4 – Greenworks 20672 40-Volt

cordless-pole-sawWhile not the longest model in our list, the 20672 is perfect for when you need to trim tree branches just out of reach. The three-piece aluminum rod extends to 8 feet, while the 8-inch automatic oiling bar and chain add another eight inches to your total reach.

An easy adjust chain tensioning system allows quick adjustments, while the 40V lithium-ion battery provides plenty of charge and is compatible with many other power tools in the Greenworks family including one of our favorite cordless chainsaws.

Unlike many other pole-mounted tools, the 20672 is well-balanced and easy to use. It can be difficult getting the battery out, but this tight grip may also factor into why the saw lasts so long on a single charge. Users also report that there’s a lot of power, allowing them to make quick work of branches without breaking a sweat.

The single biggest problem with this pole saw seems to be a motor bracket. A few customers have reported this bracket breaking after repeated use, with no replacement part available. While this is not the case with every unit, the fragile nature of this part is a design flaw that requires attention.

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#5 – Fiskars 393981-1001 Tree Pruner

extended-tree-prunerPossibly the best pole saw on our list for overall functionality, this tool functions equally well as a saw and pruner. The oval-shaped, lightweight pole reduce flex, extending up to 14 feet with the aid of a unique double-locking system.

The durable steel pruner has a low-friction coating to reduce the risk of rust or gumming up from tree sap. A sturdy 15-inch WoodZig saw extends from the pruning head for even more cutting power.

Owners of this tool have reported that it gets even tough jobs done easily and effortlessly. It has good balance and weight, making it easier on the arms during long jobs.

Unfortunately, there are a couple design flaws that plague this model. The locking mechanism’s holes tend to wear out quickly due to a lack of reinforcement, and there have been some issues with the blade locking nut coming loose easily.

While both issues can be fixed, their existence can prove frustrating to many users. That said, for the money, the Fiskars is hard to beat when it comes to pole saws for the average homeowner.

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#6 – Black+Decker LPP120 20V MAX

pole-saw-reviewsThis overhead pole prune saw can reach branches up to 14 feet high. An 8-inch cutting bar and chain is capable of cutting branches up to six inches in diameter.

Its center extension can allow for shaft lengths of 6.5 or 10 feet. As this tool is part of the 20V MAX family, it’s easy to swap the battery with your other tools to continue cutting for as long as you need to.

Assembly and use are both a breeze. It cuts well and has good weight and balance. Best of all, the battery life allows for plenty of cuts per charge so you won’t need frequent swaps.l

The single biggest issue with this tool is the faceplate. Easily dislodged, the faceplate helps keep the chain secure, so when it shifts, the chain won’t stay tight. The lack of an automatic oiler is another sticking point (no pun intended) among owners.

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#7 – Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas Pole Saw (Best Gas-Powered)

best-gas-pole-sawThe best gas pole saw on our list and maybe on the market, the RM25PS has an 8-inch bar and chain powered by a 25cc 2-cycle engine capable of cutting through tough limbs easily. It’s the successor to the popular RM2599 model.

Quick Start technology makes getting started easier, while the auto-oiler ensures the chain won’t dry out as you work. A seven foot extension gives you 12 feet of total length. Best of all, the Maverick works with multiple attachment heads, giving it enough versatility to be a one-stop yard tool.

The Maverick’s powerful engine is easy to start and cuts like a dream. Assembly is easy, letting you get to work quickly. It’s well-designed for excellent handling and general performance.

While this is a great tool overall, there have been several QC reports that deserve attention. Make sure to check over your purchase upon delivery to ensure nothing’s damaged or faulty.

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#8 – Echo PPT-2620H Gas Telescoping Pole Chainsaw

pole-saw-for-professionalsBoasting a powerful 25.4cc engine, this Echo brand pole saw is extensively redesigned to provide less vibration for better comfort on long jobs. A 20.6 fluid ounce tank helps ensure you’ll run out of gas before the tool does.

To aid in performance, this model has a two-stage air filtration system and can put out 1.35 horsepower. A splined aluminum inner drive shaft keeps the tool light without sacrificing sturdiness. It has a better build quality than the Remington model above but you’ll pay a bit more.

Easy to assemble and quick to start, it’s no wonder owners love the PPT-2620H. Its adjustable oiler and efficient telescoping adds to the charm. However, there are some balance issues and the oiler has been known to leak if not emptied during storage.

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#9 – Sun Joe SWJ807E Corded Electric Pole Saw

electric-pole-prunerUndoubtedly the most innovative tool on this list, the SWJ807E is two tools in one. This electric pole saw has an 8-amp motor, allowing it to cut branches up to 9.5 inches thick.

The telescoping shaft allows for an overhead reach up to 15 feet (the pole saw itself extends up to 9 feet). Once done, the tool collapses into a fully functional chainsaw to handle cutting up the debris.

When the instructions are followed, this pole chainsaw functions beautifully. Its decent range and power make for some excellent cutting ability. 

Due to its design, this tool is very top-heavy when fully extended. Also, while the tool itself is quite sturdy, owners have found customer service to be lacking when an issue does arise.

While perfect for homeowners that will only use this occasionally, it is not cordless so if you have a large property or don’t wan the hassle of using extension cords, you may want to spend more on a cordless model.

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#10 – Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

landscaper-pole-sawThis beast may be the best manual pole saw for getting those far-off branches. Its 16-inch Barracuda tri-cut blade is affixed to a six-foot pole and two six foot extensions increase your reach to 18 feet, making this one of the longest modular models on the market.

Each extension connects via aluminum ferrules complete with external leaf spring locking buttons. The head itself is curved with a low profile so you can easily get into densely foliated spots.

With its sturdy extension locks and sharp blade, the LS-6PKG-6 has a lot of qualities to prove it may be last but far from least on this list. Its excellent reach allows you to got to places other models can’t and it cuts efficiently when you get there.

Unfortunately, the benefits can also be hinderances with this model. The longer length means its shaft isn’t as solid as shorter models, and it can be difficult to use on smaller limbs. Additionally, its locking mechanism is so tight it can be hard to disassemble the tool at times.

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How to Sharpen a Manual Pole Saw Blade

Sharpening a manual pole saw blade isn’t much different than sharpening a regular saw blade. The two most common methods used are a file or grinder.

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Using a File

The cheapest and most effective method for sharpening your blade, file sharpening takes a little longer in exchange for superior results.

Begin at the back of the teeth, ensuring the blade is secured firmly. Angle your file (preferably diamond or whetstone) at 45 degrees and finish the backs of all teeth by filing from the blade out in one direction. Then repeat this process for the front of the teeth.

Once the edges are done, carefully repeat this process on the front and back of the tips. Finish by going back over everything with a small round file, working in one direction only to ensure the best possible edge.

Check out this video from The Permaculture Orchard on how to properly sharpen a pole saw or pruning saw blade:

Using a Grinder

While using a file is usually the best option, those who wish to get the job done quicker and have access to one, an angle grinder can produce good results if done correctly. But it does take some skill to do it right.

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