Festool vs Makita (Which is Better?)

Festool vs Makita

In the world of modern power tools, there is no shortage of top-notch manufacturers, who produce premium-grade tools on an ongoing basis. Two top competitors in this arena are Festool and Makita, both of which are well-respected by hobbyists and tradesmen alike. However, this in itself poses quite the quandary for consumers.  Between these two … Read more

Festool vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Festool vs DeWalt

Most tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts should be familiar with the names “Festool” and “DeWalt”. Both of these manufacturers have served as powerhouses within the power tool industry and offer extensive product catalogs, much to the delight of their consumers. However, this popularity, in turn, has posed quite the quandary for consumers as they now have … Read more

Mac vs Snap-On (Which is Better?)

Mac vs Snap-On

No matter which professional shop you find yourself in, mechanics will always make a case for their preferred brand of premium tool. With a number of tool trucks making their weekly rounds, the average tradesman actually has several brands at their disposal, to consider. However, deciding how best to spend your hard earned cash is … Read more

Matco vs Snap-On (Which is Better?)

Matco vs Snap-On

For the dedicated tradesman, few services are as valued as that which is provided by the local tool truck. Tool travel to places of employment, offering premium tools for sale to industry professionals. These trucks also warranty tools for their customers on a weekly basis, preventing any need to return to a store-front location. However, … Read more

Porter-Cable vs Craftsman (Which is Better?)

Porter-Cable vs Craftsman

Today’s tool industry is quite complex, with many brands belonging to larger parent companies. This often creates confusion among consumers when comparing one specific brand to the next. This is especially true when two particular brands offer extremely similar product portfolios, making it difficult to identify discernable differences between each. This is the case with … Read more

Snap-On vs Milwaukee (Which is Better?)

Snap-On vs Milwaukee

Throughout the years, there has been no shortage of premium tool brands gaining substantial popularity. However, this essentially serves as a double-edged sword of sorts. While consumers are presented with a wide array of brands to choose from, this presents a certain amount of confusion in itself. This leads potential customers to compare multiple brands … Read more

Mac vs Matco (Which is Better?)

Mac vs Matco

Today, premium tools of every kind are quite plentiful, and easily sourced by many means. However, in the eyes of many tradesman and industry professionals, few brands are as worthy as those that fulfill the mechanic-grade “tool truck” sector of the market. Tools of this type are designed by professionals, for professionals, with durability and … Read more

Porter-Cable vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Porter-Cable vs DeWalt

Power tools have revolutionized the way we complete work, expediting even the most tedious of chores. Today, more than ever, consumers are present with a wide array of these specialty tools to choose from. However, this often leaves one to ponder which brand to side with, when contemplating a purchase of any magnitude. Two storied … Read more

EGO vs Kobalt (Which is Better?)

EGO vs Kobalt

The worldwide tool industry continues to grow quite rampantly, showing few signs of slowing in its expansion any time soon. Luckily for consumers, this presents a wide array of options to choose from, when selecting which particular tool to purchase. However, there is also a minor down-side to this as well. Many are left with … Read more

Kobalt vs Ridgid (Which is Better?)

Kobalt vs Ridgid

The explosive expansion in the current power tool market has presented consumers a greater selection of power tool companies to choose from than ever before. However, this large array of brands also means a significant amount of competition between them for a share of the power tool market. This leaves many consumers the task of … Read more