52 Gift Ideas for Mechanics and DIYers

gift ideas for mechanics
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No matter how well you know your loved ones, it can be tough finding them that perfect gift. The good news is we’ve scoured the web and found 52 great gift ideas that provide plenty of variety for mechanics, carpenters, electricians, woodworkers, DIYers, dads, moms, new homeowners, and others.

Whether it’s tools, clothing, or the all-important coffee mug, you’ll find something here for practically everyone on your gift list. If that’s not enough, check out our other gift guides to find additional gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays, housewarmings, or any other occasion.

As always, if you know of a product that would make for a great gift, please share it in the comments below. If we agree, we may add it to this or a future gift guide.

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Men love their cars, and so do many women. The big difference between the two is that men rarely stop to think of getting things that make automotive life easier. But now you can give them gifts that will leave them wondering “Why didn’t I think of this before?” with this list of both practical and effort-saving accessories.

Grypshon Grypmat Flexible Tool Tray

Grypmat flexible tool tray

Flexible, non-slip, and easy to clean, this handy tool organizer is the perfect companion for your garage. Its low-profile design is great for having along side you on your creeper while working under vehicles, and the bright color creates higher visibility when working in low light. Best of all, the high flexibility means you can simply roll the tray up when it’s time to store it.

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BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool

BlueDriver OBD2 scan tool

Take your home repair to the next level with this professional quality diagnostic tool. When connected to your Android or Apple device, the tool quickly matches your car’s make and model, giving you a comprehensive code readout to show what’s right or wrong with your vehicle.

Having this device will quickly save both time and money, as it means a diagnostics trip to the dealership is unnecessary. Recommended for anyone who does their own car repairs (novice or pro).

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Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

Drop Stop car seat gap filler

It’s a well-known fact that the couch eats money and a multitude of other important things. What’s a little less known (or intentionally forgotten) is the habit for car seats to do the same. This simple but effective gap filler makes life a lot easier by reducing the chances of change, keys, or your phone getting stuck in or under your seat.

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Heininger HitchMate Tire Step

HitchMate tire step

Tired of washing or working on your truck or SUV and needing a step stool on-hand just to get good access? This compact step fits directly over the tire and can be stored with your truck’s on-board tool kit. It supports up to 400 pounds and has three height settings, making this a surprisingly useful gift idea.

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Eagle Klaw Floor Mat Clips

Eagle Claw floor mat clips

Few things are more frustrating than getting into the car during a downpour only to find the floormat has skillfully evaded your muddy shoes. The Eagle Klaw will ensure this will never happen again by providing an easy-to-install anchor that holds your floormats securely in place.

Simply place the anchor on your cabin’s carpeted floor, attach the cap and washer to the mat, line it up, and snap it together with your foot. The result is a firmly secured mat with no further fuss required. These are especially great for minivans and other vehicles that may suffer child-oriented carpet spills.

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Mueller-Kueps Wrench Extender

wrench extender

Finally, a gift that gives the phrase “cheater bar” a good name! This stainless steel extension wrench is able to boost the torque on any wrench up to 1” (24mm) to give you the leverage you need for stuck or rusted bolts and fasteners.

Made of drop forged steel, the German-designed power bar is ultra durable and rust and corrosion-resistant. Will also work with most hex, Allen key, socket wrenches, and others. A good alternative is the popular Maxx Leverage extension wrench.

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Maxsa Park Right Parking Aid

garage parking aid mat

A simple, yet effective solution to fitting the car in packed garages, this parking mat features a built-in tray to catch water or mud, reflective strip for high visibility, and anti-skid tape to prevent slippage.

Simply drive over the first hump and the tire catches on the second to ensure a perfect park job every time. A better alternative to the old-fashioned tennis ball method.

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Rhino USA Tire Pressure Gauge

heavy duty tire pressure gauge

This heavy-duty tire gauge has a two-inch dial for easy reading and a solid brass, 360 degree swivelling tip that provides a leak-proof fit every time. The dial also glows in the dark, allowing you to check the pressure even on country roads in the middle of the night.

We prefer this over digital gauges which tend to be less accurate and not last as long. As this device is ANSI B40.1 accurate and covered by a lifetime warranty, you never need to worry if the readings are off.

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Wilton Hitch2Bench Truck Vise

Wilton truck hitch vise

One of the great things about using a pickup or similar vehicle for contractor work or camping is that they can double as a mobile workshop. This nifty vise adds to the convenience by giving you a sturdy means to cut or bend metals and wood. Best of all, the added bracket also allows you to fasten this vise to your workbench, making it useful both home and abroad.

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Cat CT1000 Magnetic Pocket Work Light

CAT magnetic LED pocket light

Nothing beats having a strong pocket light with good reach, as this gem illustrates. Three AAA batteries will provide a bright 175 lumens of light for up to 7 continuous hours. The thin rectangular shape allows you to slip it into tight spaces, while the beam and COB (chip on board) creates a floodlight output to provide maximum light coverage.

Water and impact resistant, this work light is an absolute essential during blackouts and emergency toolkits. Best of all, the base is magnetic so mounting it wherever you need it for hands-free operation (ie: car’s engine bay) is super easy.

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BirdRock Home Car Snow/Ice Remover

snow and ice remover

Tired of buying a new plastic ice scraper for your car every year? This combination scraper/brush might be the last one you’ll need for years to come. Not only can this heavy duty brush extend up to 50 inches for superior reach, but the non-scratch jaw design makes it even easier to loosen tough windshield ice.

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Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner/Conditioner Set

Chemical Guys leather cleaner and conditioner

Keep those leather interiors (or your Harley jacket) in pristine condition with this care kit. Odorless, colorless, and OEM-approved; both cleaner and conditioner can work wonders on almost any leather surface.

The cleaner gently lifts dirt and grease out of the pores, allowing you to wipe them away with minimum elbow grease. Follow up with the leave-in conditioner, which gives your leather that soft sheen and feel it had when it was new.

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DeWalt 192-Piece Socket/Mechanics Tool Set

DeWalt mechanics tool set

One of the most impressive gifts we’ve found has so much to offer we could do an entire review on it. This 192-piece set includes 3 high quality ratchets, various extensions, allen wrenches, and pretty much every socket size you’ll ever need.

Each piece is designed to provide higher torque, easy size identification, and a sturdy non-slip grip. The blow mold case can take a beating, making this the perfect addition to any mechanic’s collection.

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Kusonkey Universal Socket

self adjusting universal socket

This handy little gift puts an entire socket set into the palm of your hand (or your car’s glovebox). Made of professional-grade CR-V stainless steel, the 54 springs allow the self-adjusting universal socket to lock onto any bolt or screw measuring between 7mm and 19mm. Use with a standard 3/8″ ratchet or drill.

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Viair 88P Portable Air Compressor

portable air compressor

This 120psi portable compressor is perfect for topping up tires on the go. Simply connect it, turn on the engine for power, and fill any 33 inch or smaller tire. The powerful Viair will run circles around the more common cheap air compressors you’ll find.

If you don’t need a full size compressor, you’ll want to get this for yourself to perform regular tire pressure maintenance at home without having to pay a couple bucks every time at the gas station.

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Tekton 1/2-Inch Impact Socket Set

deep impact socket set

Impact sockets can be an important addition to any automotive toolkit. These sockets are designed to withstand much higher torque than standard sockets and are perfect for lug nuts and deep-seated bolts. With 15 half-inch sockets ranging from 10 to 24mm, this set is an excellent choice for your garage tool chest.

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Torin TR6340 Creeper Seat

Torin creeper seat

This creeper seat is sturdy enough to hold 400 pounds, has chrome plating for aesthetic appeal, and a two-compartment tray space beneath the seat. The seat itself is covered in high-quality vinyl, and the 17.9 inch height means it’s perfect for detailing your car or a multitude of other automotive tasks.

Let’s face it, though. What makes this a great gift is the inclusion of a cup holder on the side so you’ll always have quick access to your coffee (or beer)!

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Home and Garden

Some of the best gifts are those that benefit the entire family. Among these wonderful gifts are tools, utensils, and other goodies that will help keep your entire property running smoother.

Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

shovel that cuts through roots

Make a literal impression with this anchor-shaped rooting shovel. The serrated, angular head will tear through roots as well as any axe while still providing plenty of digging power. Its round handle makes it easy to wield two-handed for superior thrust power.

If you’ve ever come across roots while trying to plant something or dig up a shrub, you know how a simple job can end up taking a lot longer than planned. This award-winning type of shovel is literally a game-changer.

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Blue Magic Invisible Glove Hand Coating

invisible glove hand coating for mechanics

Whether in the garden or garage, hands have a habit of getting so dirty that lava soap or other special cleaners are necessary. This water-soluble hand coating creates a protective barrier on your hands for up to four hours.

You can simply reapply after four hours or if your hands get wet. And when the job’s done, just use regular soap and water to wash the coating and any grime away easily. No more dirt and grease under your fingernails that lasts for days.

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ProVisionTools PiViT Ladder Leveling Tool

ladder leveler

This innovative tool can help ensure your ladder is level in seconds, even on stairs, roofs, or other uneven surfaces. It also doubles as a step stool and ladder jack, and can even be used with stepladders. With the PiViT at your worksite, you can be assured of greater safety and can focus on the task at hand.

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Mininch Tool Pen

Mininch tool pen screwdriver

A great tool for around the house, this clever device resembles a large pen until you remove the cap. Instead of ink, the tip and contents are actually screwdriver bits. The pen shaft can hold up to six tips at a time, while the set comes with a total of 16, making this one of the handiest tools you can keep around the house.

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Simply Dump It Pivoting Wheelbarrow Handles

pivoting wheelbarrow handles

Have you ever looked at a tool that has barely changed for decades or even hundreds of years and wondered why nobody ever fixed their design flaws? Well these… handy… handles provide a much-needed design improvement to a gardening staple.

Simply attach them to your wheelbarrow for improved control and stability. The unique pivoting design makes it easy to tilt or tip when you want to but keep the barrow level when you don’t. Best of all, these handles have been tested to ensure they can withstand heavy abuse, so you need never fear them breaking on the job.

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Rockwell JawHorse

JawHorse saw horse

Take your workspace with you using this heavy-duty tripod workbench and saw horse. It functions as a powerful vice, a stand-in for a one-ton machine press, and can clamp up to 49 inch wide pieces of wood or plywood to create a stable work table. And when you need to get up and go, the JawHorse folds into a compact, 43 pound package for easy transport.

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Striker Concepts Motion-Activated Ceiling Light

motion activated ceiling light

This unusual-looking LED light puts out almost as much light as four 60-watt bulbs while only drawing 24 watts of power. The three side panels can fold down for central lighting or angle upwards to direct light in up to three different directions.

You can screw this fixture directly into any light socket and can choose to use the motion sensor or turn it off and use your wall switch. The unit isn’t waterproof, but is a great addition for your home, garage, or sheltered garden area.

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Custom Leathercraft Deluxe Cordless Drill Holster

cordless drill holster

Remember wanting to be a gunslinger as a kid? Well now you can prove you’re the fastest drill draw in the west with this durable holster for your cordless drill. Numerous pockets on the outside allow you to store bits and screws, while the holster itself hangs from your belt at an angle for balance and easy access.

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Worx JawSaw Chainsaw

Worx JawSaw

This may look like a mini Jaws of Life, but it’s really a high-safety, fully functional chainsaw that can easily cut branches up to 4 inches in diameter. The blade and chain fully retract when not in use, and an automatic chain oiler helps ensure everything stays in perfect working order.

An auto tension system helps make every cut a good one. Best of all, the jaw design allows you to cut objects on the ground, saving your back from unnecessary lifting.

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Xtend & Climb Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

telescoping ladder

One of the biggest space wasters in any home is the necessary collection of elevated platforms – step stools, step ladders, and extension ladders. This highly compact telescoping ladder will single-handedly replace most of these bulky traditional options.

You can extend and lock the ladder in increments of one foot for precise heights up to a maximum of 12.5 feet. The ladder is made of sturdy aerospace-engineered 6061 alloy with a clean-touch anodized finish, making this must-have both safe and attractive.

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Going well beyond simple clothing, the gear we’ve found includes books, t-shirts, and the ever-essential coffee cup. Just be warned: you might have trouble giving up some of these gift gear ideas!

Mishownet Tire Coffee Mug

tire mechanics coffee mug

One of the biggest rules of the road is to never fall asleep at the wheel. Well now the wheel can help keep you awake in the form of this unique coffee mug. Shaped to resemble a stack of tires, this thermal mug can keep 11.28 ounces of hot java steaming for up to five hours.

The lid is leak-proof and the durable body means you won’t have to worry about spills or short drops. A perfect gift for any coffee-loving mechanic.

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3M Worktunes w/ Bluetooth

bluetooth headphones for garage

There are three hearing essentials in a workshop: phone, noise reduction, and music. These wireless headphones provide all three in one convenient package. Simply connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and crank up the tunes. You can easily attach the headphones to a non-Bluetooth device with a standard 3.5mm audio cable.

Noise reduction is rated at 24 decibels, and an integrated mic allows you to take calls without exposing your ears. Perfect for the shop, garage, or when out mowing your lawn. Just be warned, the kids might borrow these for a gaming headset when you aren’t looking!

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250-Piece First Aid Kit

garage first aid kit

Of all the gear out there, only two things are absolutely vital: coffee cups and first aid kits. This 50-person kit has everything you need for almost any environment: camping, home, office, car… The list goes on.

This kit meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI 2009 guidelines, and has an impact-proof, compartmentalized carrying case that provides quick access in an emergency.

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Handy Dad: Projects for Dads and Kids

dad son daughter DIY project book

Any dad would become the most popular on the block with this handy guide in his pocket. Written by Todd Davis, host of a popular HGTV show and handyman parent, this book provides many fun projects to share with the kids.

What makes these projects stand out is their focus on a range of projects that are for more than looking at. Zip lines, dollhouses, tree houses, and even skate ramps are all among the 25 ideas in this book. As most of the materials can be found around the house, you can even turn the gathering process into a fun scavenger hunt.

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Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement

best home repair and improvement book

Perfect for the handyman, DIYer, or those who simply want tips for hiring a professional, this comprehensive guide features 325 common home projects. These projects have been checked by professionals for accuracy and feature tool lists, guides on home plumbing and wiring, and 3,400 illustrations and photos to ensure great results every time.

What makes this book an absolute essential is that it not only helps you with repairs, but can actually improve the value of your home! One of the best gifts you can give to a new homeowner.

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“Mechanic Hourly Rate” T-Shirt

mechanic hourly rate t-shirt

Few things are more frustrating than having to fix something – except when your loved ones try to get involved when they shouldn’t be. Remind them of the benefits to letting you “get on with it” with this handy price guide.

Not only will it get a chuckle out of your friends, it might also encourage your loved ones to let you do your thing in peace.

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“I Void Warranties” T-Shirt

I void warranties tshirt

Perfect for that special someone that loves to fix things which aren’t broken, this shirt lets the world know that being a MacGyver has its drawbacks.

However, the CFC-free material will help ensure this gift won’t be the thing to void your loved one’s own warranty. Available in sizes up to 3X, it’s a great gift for tinkerers of any age.

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“I’m Here Because You Broke Something” T-Shirt

I'm here because you broke something t-shirt

While a great gift for guys, this is an absolute must for wives who know their way around a toolbox. There are few better ways to remind family of your value than to point out who they turn to whenever something goes wrong. Makes for the perfect white elephant gift. Available in 8 colors and up to 3XL.

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“I Still Play With Blocks” T-Shirt

I still play with blocks t-shirt

Now your loved one can boast that age doesn’t matter by wearing this fun shirt. Not only is it a great gift for mechanics, but it’s a perfect Christmas present for a mom or dad when also buying Lego clothing for the kids. Available in 16 colors and up to 5XL.

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Klein Tools Work Cooler

Klein Tools work cooler

Unless you’re drinking coffee, having a cooler on-hand while you work is an essential. You can store beer, soda, or any other preferred cold drink, plus food in this durable work cooler.

Best of all, this 17-quart (18-can) capacity “must-have” doubles as a seat capable of supporting up to 300 pounds. Klein Tools are known for their durability and this rugged cooler doesn’t disappoint.

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Powercap LED Beanie Cap

LED beanie cap for winter

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, this cap has four bright LED lights on the front for high visibility. Most people make use of the 48 lumen visibility for jogging or biking, but it’s also great if needing to work on the car, chopping firewood at night, or moving about your home’s crawlspace.

Best of all, the hat actually comes with batteries (CR2032, which are widely available when it’s time for a replacement), so there’s no need to spend extra when buying one.

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Other Tools and Toys

For the home workshop or contractor’s tool kit, we present a wide range of essentials. With many of these gadgets are high-tech toys and others more utilitarian in nature, these gifts are perfect for the DIYer in your life.

Knipex Pliers Wrench

pliers wrench

If you were to ask pros to name one tool they couldn’t live without, a lot of them would tell you it would be this Knipex pliers wrench. This one-of-a-kind tool is great when you want a secure grip without any sharp teeth or grooves that can damage surfaces which are common with normal pliers. You’ll find some many practical uses for this tool you’ll want to buy one as a gift for others and yourself.

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S&W Wall Mounted Nut/Bolt Thread Checker

thread checker

Have you ever had to find a specific nut or bolt size only to discover they’ve gotten mixed up somehow? Well this nifty 37″ tall wall-mounted checker provides fast and accurate sizing for all of those random fittings so you can shift them to an organizer.

As an added bonus, the bolt lengths and nut sizes are given in both metric and SAE readings. Every shop or garage should have one of these for reference.

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Little Red Cap Caulk Cappers

caulking tube caps

Despite its unusual appearance, this clam shell cap can help prevent partially used caulk tubes from drying out. Simply cap an open tube even while it still sits in the caulk gun. It also fits pens, wood glue tubes, and a multitude of other containers.

Small, convenient, and a real lifesaver when you need to pull out a partially used tube on short notice, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick up a few of these a long time ago.

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Fred Pizza Boss 3000 Pizza Wheel

circular saw pizza wheel

Do you remember those old skits where someone would carve the turkey with an electric saw? Well now you can emulate those moments with this circular saw pizza cutter. The engineering-grade plastic frame and stainless steel blade make this cool gadget look and feel like the real thing. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers or those in the construction industry.

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IronChoco Chocolate Tool Set

One of our favorite items in this entire list, these meticulously handcrafted, rusty tools hide an amazing secret. These tools are literally good enough to eat, being made of solid, 70 percent dark chocolate.

Even professionals have been fooled by these amazingly lifelike, full-scale confections! But whether you buy these as a gag gift or a clever treat, your loved ones will enjoy every last detail – in more ways than one.

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Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

plastic welder

This unusual adhesive activates when exposed to UV light, creating a permanent bond in mere seconds. Once cured, it’s both water and heat resistant and will hold on a wide range of materials including metal, PVC, and even Kevlar. Due to its composition, you never have to worry about the liquid thickening between uses.

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eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

electronic tape measure

Using a tape measure has become much more efficient with the eTape. This digital measure has a large, clear display that can instantly convert between imperial and metric measurements.

Two long-term memory banks and one short-term allow you to work on larger projects more efficiently. You can even set the measurement to begin at the rear of the casing for accurate corner measurements.

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Worx Switchdriver


This fascinating power screwdriver has a rotating dual chuck mechanism that allows you to switch between screwdriver and drill functions on the fly. It’s handy for a variety of functions including when hanging objects on walls where you first have to drill an anchor hole and then drive a screw in.

Two included 20v MaxLithium batteries ensure minimal downtime when one is drained. Two-speed power and precise electronic torque control make this drill an excellent addition to any tool set.

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E-Z Red Angled Needle Nose Pliers Set

angled needle nosed pliers

These curious-looking kiwi pliers allow you to grip at an angle and have curved handles for a more comfortable and accurate grip. The spring for opening the jaws is built internally, making it more resistant to dislocation. Because of the unique design, you simultaneously get a superior grip and the ability to work in areas where straight pliers won’t fit.

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GemRed Digital Angle Finder

digital angle finder

Once upon a time, a protractor, folding ruler, and calculator all fell in love. They gave birth to a fascinating little tool that could calculate angles or measure straight lines, providing a digital readout with an accuracy range of .3 degrees and resolution as small as .1 degrees.

When at a full 180 degrees, the ruler measures up to 400mm (14 inches). Thankfully, this little guy is looking for a good home and your handyman loved one will be glad to adopt.

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LSR2 Dual Laser Measure

2-sided dual laser measure

This measure is perfect for working in places too tight for a traditional tape measure and takes accurate measurements quickly and easily. It has an incredible 300 foot reach and what sets it apart from other laser measures is its bi-directional laser design which allows you to measure a room from any spot and easily find the center of any wall or space.

You can also recharge the battery with a standard micro-USB cable. And don’t worry if this device gets a little dirty, as it can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

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Occidental Leather 5-in-1 Tool Holder

Occidental Leather tool pouch

Tool belts are often cramped with only a few sections to hold all your tools. A favorite brand of contractors and electricians, this Occidental Leather tool holder can handle several important tools and fits on any regular tool belt that’s three inches thick or smaller.

The superior workmanship on this holder makes it possible to hold a lot of weight regularly without a single stitch coming loose.

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Red Precision Demagnetizer/Magnetizer

magnetizer demagnetizer

One of the most useful oddities we’ve found is this convenient magnetic tool. Simply slide a screwdriver or other object through one slot to magnetise it. Conversely, slide it through the other slot to demagnetize the object. Quick and convenient, this little gem is a must-have for any workshop.

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Sunex Metric Crowfoot Wrench Set

crowfoot flare nut set

This ten-piece set is made of polished drop-forged CR-V steel and comes on a handy storage rail. When added to a 3/8 inch drive, they can perform the job of full-sized wrenches and fit into tight spaces that a straight wrench design can’t. Sizes range between 10 and 19mm, making this an excellent gift for any mechanic.

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DeWalt Power Station

DeWalt power station

Simply put, this is a must for any contractor or handyman that relies upon DeWalt power tools. The four ports allow you to charge multiple 20v MAX batteries at once when plugged in.

Conversely, slot four batteries in while the station is unplugged to provide 1800 Watts (or 15 Amps) of continuous remote power with an impressive peak power of 3600 Watts. This dual purpose makes it one of the most valuable work companions when on-site.

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No Longer Available

Lubricheck Motor Oil Tester

motor oil tester

Sometimes the amount of oil isn’t enough to ensure good engine lubrication. Oil can become polluted or dry up over time, causing a variety of problems. This handy little tester can check both standard and synthetic oils, be they diesel or gas engines.

It can warn you of polluted oil, let you know when it’s time to change your oil, and even detect if there’s a coolant leak or other major problem after testing only a few drops.


Stack-On Steel Tool Box

steel tool box

When most people think of tool boxes, they only think of tools. But did you know a good tool box can be your best friend in a wide range of activities and household needs? This multi-purpose steel tool box has a tough rust-resistant coating, full-length piano hinge, and a high weight tolerance.

In addition to storing various tools (plumbing, automotive, etc.), it makes for a great tackle box, kitchen tool organizer, sewing/crochet/embroidery box, or “first tool box” for a child. The outer case, handle, and removable organizer tray are all made of solid steel to ensure this box will last for years to come.

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