8 Best Saw Horses (for Jobsite or DIY Use)

best saw horses
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Sawhorses are an unsung hero in the workplace. These simple devices make it easy to measure and cut wooden planks, boards, and even sometimes serve as legs for makeshift tables.

There are a lot of different models out there, not all of which are up to par, so we’ve narrowed down the field to make choosing one easier. The following are eight of the best saw horses out there, no matter your project or workshop needs.

Our 8 Favorites

best-saw-horsesRockwell JawHorse600 lbs33"32"43 lbs
miter-saw-standDeWalt DWX7251,000 lbs36"32"15 lbs
best-folding-saw-horseToughbuilt TB-C5001,100 lbs42"29"13 lbs
portable-saw-horsesWorx WX065500 lbs27"32"8 lbs
heavy-duty-work-standsBora Speedhorse1,500 lbs45"32"18 lbs
kreg-trackhorse-reviewKreg KWS5001,100 lbs34"25" to 36"23 lbs
brackets-for-saw-horse2x4 Basics 901961,000 lbsn/an/an/a
best-cheap-saw-horsesHusky 206138625 lbs28"32"4 lbs

Sawhorse Reviews

#1 – Rockwell JawHorse

best-saw-horsesOur top pick is something of a cheat, as it’s a full-blown material support station. In addition to being a sawhorse, this solid steel MacGuyver can also perform the jobs of a workbench, clamp, bench vise, miter saw stand, and more.

The secret is the one ton clamping capacity jaws, operated by a foot pedal for hands-free convenience. The jaws extend to an impressive 37 inches – large enough to hold a door, and have a maximum load capacity of 600 pounds.

Whether you’re tackling a heavy-duty project or working with delicate materials, the JawHorse has you covered. Best of all, the JawHorse is covered by a five-year limited warranty to ensure there are no factory defects.

This is a very popular product with good reason. Its sturdy construction allows it to put up with heavy abuse and takes only seconds to set up. The sturdy tripod frame folds down and the built-in roller allows you to transport it with minimal fuss.

A few owners have complained that the legs don’t lock properly, causing them to splay out. The sturdy steel construction also means the JawHorse may be heavier than one might expect.

Finally, while there are a wide range of applications available, some require the separate purchase of accessories, leading to extra expenses some may find undesirable.

But for its incredible versatility, the Rockwell JawHorse is arguably the best saw horse on the market today. Worth considering even if you planned on purchasing a traditional saw horse.

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#2 – DeWalt DWX725 Miter Saw Stand

miter-saw-standThis DeWalt heavy duty work stand is one of the best folding saw horses that pairs perfectly with your miter saw. Made of lightweight aluminum, it may not seem very durable, but its 1000-pound weight capacity per horse says otherwise.

At 15.4 pounds, the stand is highly portable. The folding legs are designed to provide excellent support and feature leg lock levers to ensure it opens quick and won’t fold on the job. A transport latch allows you to link two stands together for easy storage or during transport.

Oddly enough, most of the things people love are also the things they hate with this stand. This is because the DWX725 has many optional features that require separate purchases.

For example, you can convert these into tool stands if you order miter saw mounting brackets. You can also add rollers to turn it into an outfeed, but you need to order the roller brackets separately.

Despite these minor points, the stand is quite durable and the 36″ width makes it a great choice for larger projects. Just be warned that the feet are made of hard plastic instead of rubber and thus may slide on a slick surface. All things considered, this Dewalt model is one of the best saw horses for the money.

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#3 – Toughbuilt TB-C500 Sawhorse

best-folding-saw-horseAs the name implies, this is one of the toughest saw horses you could ever hope to own. The all-steel construction zinc-plated surfaces and powdered coating allow it to withstand heavy abuse and environments where rust is a threat to other metal saw horses.

Each sawhorse has an impressive 1100 pound weight capacity which doubles with each pairing. 2×4 support arms allow two sawhorses to be converted into a sturdy work table.

Despite the sturdy construction, the TB-C500 is surprisingly lightweight (only 13 pounds) and has a carry handle, making it one of the best portable saw horses out there.

If that wasn’t enough, it has fast-open folding legs, hanging hooks, and the steel body allows you to store that compound miter saw right on the leg using a high powered magnet.

Perhaps the biggest flaw to this saw horse is the lack of available rubber feet. This can result in scuffing your workshop floor. Additionally, the 28.5 inch height may be a tad too short for some projects.

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#4 – Worx WX065 Clamping Sawhorses

portable-saw-horsesThe first thermoplastic polymer saw horse on our list really shows how materials can make all the difference in a job. These saw horses have a paired weight limit of 1,000 pounds and aren’t suited for heavy use.

However, when it comes to light wood projects, they outperform their heavier metal counterparts easily and have an impressive range of features.

Two detachable bar clamps may be aligned horizontally or vertically as needed and can clamp as wide as 18 inches. A built-in shelf and cord hooks make on-site tool storage easy.

In addition, this is an excellent example of how compact a good folding sawhorse gets, with a pair measuring only five inches thick when closed. A two-inch wide indentation on top makes working with plywood and similar materials easier. The 32 inch height also means a more comfortable work height.

As mentioned, the WX065 is an excellent choice for lighter projects and is easier to store and transport than metal sawhorses. However, the plastic construction severely limits its use in major projects. For home use, this is probably the best folding sawhorse you can pick.

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#5 – Bora Portamate PM-4500T Speedhorse

heavy-duty-work-standsBoasting one of the fastest setup times out there (under 2 seconds), the Speedhorse is arguably the best folding saw horse for contractors and those on the go.

A quick release button in the middle of the frame pops the legs open automatically in 1.6 seconds. Thanks to the non-sequential leg folding, there’s no set order when breaking down the saw horse for transport, shaving even more time off the clock.

Each horse boasts an incredible 1,500 pound weight capacity while only weighing 17.9 pounds and has a comfortable working height of 31.5 inches.

A long 45-inch, pre-drilled top allows you to attach a 2×4 piece of wood, converting the sawhorses into a sturdy work table. This feature also helps protect both your tools and the Speedhorse from damage in the event your circular saw strays too close to the horse’s metal top.

Material slots that fit 2x materials makes it easy to connect two Speedhorses into a single sturdy work surface. Best of all, Bora provides a one-year quality and satisfaction warranty to ensure you have the best possible product and experience.

Outside of its slightly heavier weight, it’s really hard to find any fault with the PM-4500T. It’s sturdy even when placed on uneven ground, thanks to its connection options. The high-quality construction means it’s incredibly durable and the quick open and close capabilities means this is one folding sawhorse you’ll be using for a long time to come.

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#6 – Kreg KWS500 Track Horse

kreg-trackhorse-reviewBuilt of steel and aluminum, this heavy-duty saw horse is popular with professional contractors. It has the ability to fill the role of work support, clamping center, saw horse, cutting platform, or work table.

It comes equipped with Kreg’s three-inch Automaxx bench clamp to hold materials to the top or function as a vise using the keyhole brackets on the ends.

Even more impressive are the adjustable legs, which allow for a maximum working height of 35.5 inches all the way down to ground-level (with 5 height settings in between) when the legs are completely folded, making it incredibly compact for storage.

This is one of those rare workshop items that leaves you scratching your head as to why you didn’t get a couple sooner. You can easily mount sacrificial 2x4s, setup is a breeze, and you won’t risk any pinched fingers when using the adjustable legs.

What makes some prospective buyers hesitate is the lack of onboard storage and the high cost per horse. It can also get a little wobbly laterally when doing some rough hand planing. However, these are issues which can be solved with a little ingenuity.

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#7 – 2×4 Basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets (DIY Sawhorse)

brackets-for-saw-horseWith a paired weight limit of 2,000 pounds, these brackets make for an excellent saw horse set when you pair them with some 2x4s. This DIY kit has parts for two sets of sawhorse legs (4 brackets and 8 stabilizing feet) and is made of a heavy-gauge structural polymer resin. They can be used to create a work surface up to eight feet long and four feet tall.

Easy to assemble with just a screwdriver, the key selling point of the 90196 is its ability to be fitted with a wooden crossbeam to create a working width far larger than other models. It also gives you complete control over how wide the surface is per project, making it a pleasure to work with.

The biggest downside to this kit is the need to supply your own 2x4s which may or may not fit the brackets perfectly. Treated wood especially needs to be sanded down to fit.

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#8 – Husky 206138 Folding Sawhorses

best-cheap-saw-horsesThese traditional polypropylene saw horses can hold 1,250 pounds when paired (625 lbs each) and have sturdy non-skid rubber-coated feet to help ensure a stable working platform.

They sit 32 inches high, weigh a mere 8 pounds each, and fold flat, making them incredibly easy to carry. Cut slots along the top allow 2×4 and 2×6 mounting to link the sawhorses. These can then be used to attach a plywood surface to make a portable workbench.

Cutout inserts allow these horses to hold a range of materials, while the V-groove safety supports can hold wood, metal, or pipe. A reinforced center shelf and durable cross support add to the durability and functionality of these saw horses.

The light construction, shelf, and cord holder make these saw horses extremely useful. They come with a low cost and can be quite useful for the average DIYer or those who want a saw horse designed more for home use. They come with Husky’s three-year limited warranty, further adding to their value.

It should be noted that while these saw horses are rated at 625 pounds each, that’s probably being too generous. This has led some consumers to accidentally overburden the horses. If you keep these to light duty use, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Saw Horses 101

You’ve probably used a wooden sawhorse at some point in your life, but there’s a good chance you’ve never had to buy one for yourself. Here are some tips on picking out the best saw horse for your needs.

Metal, Plastic, and Weight Limits

Our list contains both metal and plastic saw horses, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon the type of work you’ll be needing it for, either works fine. Here’s a quick breakdown of these two common materials and where they work best.

Metal sawhorses usually work best for heavy-duty projects and harsher work environments. Aluminum horses are at the lower end of the weight spectrum, rating as low as 500 pounds per horse. Steel horses can handle much higher weights, going as high as 1100 pounds per horse.

They tend to be heavier and bulkier, making them a little harder to transport than plastic models. For this reason, you’ll usually use them for construction and other major projects where durability is paramount.

Plastic and polymer sawhorses are at the opposite end of the spectrum, with an average weight limit of 500 pounds per horse. They’re not as durable as their metal counterparts, but make up for it in a lighter weight and cheaper price. They’re best suited for home DIY projects and working with lightweight materials.

Choosing the Best Height and Leg Angle

Sawhorses are designed to handle both weight and movement, but that doesn’t mean all sawhorses are equal. The height is an important factor when considering comfort and visibility.

Most saw horses average around 32 inches in height, which is ideal if your own height is average. However, shorter individuals will benefit from a shorter height and taller from a higher height.

A few models, such as the Kreg sawhorse above, come with adjustable legs so you can work at the ideal height for the project.

Your working techniques will also play a role, as many DIYers use tools closer to chest height for better control, while those using traditional saws may find a lower height gives them more range of movement.

As for the legs, the general consensus is a total angle of 20 degrees, with each side splaying 10 degrees from the plumb line. This doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider the length of the legs, you end up with a fair amount of spacing at floor level.

Saw Horse Storage

A major advantage to using modern sawhorses over the traditional wood ones is their ability to fold for storage. The legs of some will collapse under the top, creating a compact unit that’s easy to store. Others simply close vertically and need to be stored against a wall to avoid potential damage.

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