How to Organize a Tool Chest Like a Pro

organize tool chest

A tool chest, tool box, or tool cart is a personal sort of domain, and everyone has a different idea of the perfect layout for their tools. On the other hand, a little consideration for the tools involved will help you decide where they should be located in the hierarchy of tools. See Also:  Best … Read more

5 Best Tool Box Drawer Liners

best tool drawer liners

Ever had one of those days when you needed to grab a tool from your new tool chest and found yourself fishing for several minutes to find that one particular socket while scraping everything around noisily? Or perhaps you’ve begun to notice some of your tools are beginning to show signs of damage from being … Read more

6 Best Retractable Extension Cord Reels to Get Organized

best retractable cord reel

We’ve all had one of those days where a garage project is interrupted because an extension cord is all tangled up or people keep tripping over it. Not only are extension cords in a garage a pain from an organizational standpoint, they can be a safety hazard. A good retractable extension cord reel offers the … Read more

3 Ways to Store Bikes in Your Garage

bicycle storage in garage

Everyone who has a garage will probably agree that they fill up quicker than you can imagine. This is especially true with a family. You have your car(s), outdoor power equipment, workbench, all your tools, and toys for the kids. Finding a good spot to store your bicycles is often an afterthought. If everybody in the … Read more

5 Tips For Clearing Garage Clutter To Make Life Easier

messy garage

Garage clutter is something that every homeowner is pretty much guaranteed to experience at least once. Because the garage is typically the last stop for items on their way out the house, they simply get stuck. It doesn’t always happen at once either. A cluttered garage happens over time until suddenly you can’t park your … Read more

9 Ways to Save Space in a Crowded Garage

save space in a garage

For most of us, the garage is a multi-purpose room that acts as a storage unit, a workshop, and a place to park the car. But these various uses all require space, and it probably doesn’t take long to fill the garage up and make it difficult to move around or even find the things … Read more

How to Stop Tool Theft and Recover Stolen Tools

stolen power tools

For a craftsman, losing some or all of your tools to theft means missing work and being able to perform to your full potential. Even a home DIYer would be without the use of their tools and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in personal property. The nicer the tool (think Snap-on or Matco), the higher … Read more