How to Sand Concrete (By Hand or With a Sander)

sanding concrete

Concrete has a long history of use, from the arena in Rome (dubbed the Coliseum after the Colossus statue that once stood in front) to modern day sidewalks and building supports. Its popularity and durability has reached the point that many homeowners now have concrete floors in their homes. We’ll explain not just how to … Read more

8 Garage Ceiling Ideas for that Finished Look

garage ceiling alternatives

One of the most neglected rooms in your home is the garage. This space can have many functions beyond housing a car, such as storage, workshop, home gym, or music room. Adding in a finished ceiling is an inexpensive way to give this space a more hospitable appeal and turn it into a more functional … Read more

10 Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas for Standard and Low Heights

basement ceiling design ideas

Once upon a time, people added basements and attic spaces to their homes to create additional storage space. As generations passed, these extra rooms began to see more and more activity. Nowadays, it’s common to have a finished basement or attic that functions as additional living space. This new use for basements comes with a … Read more