9 Best Mechanics Creepers (Slide Into Tight Spaces)

best mechanics creepers

Ask anyone who works on cars and uses a mechanics creeper, and they’ll tell you it’s well worth the money. Working on your car is so much more enjoyable when you’re actually comfortable and not straining your neck. There are a few different styles of mechanics creepers on the market. A lightweight creeper is perfect … Read more

9 Best Car Battery Chargers for Fast, Reliable Charging

best smart car charger

Whether upgrading from an old-style model or buying your first charger, today’s car battery chargers are better than ever. They are safer, easier to use, more efficient, and cause less wear and tear on your car battery. When shopping for a new battery charger, its ability to charge 12 volt batteries is obviously important since … Read more

How to Use a Timing Light to Set Ignition Timing

how to use a timing light

You need to adjust timing on a car for many older models (those which have a distributor) to maintain the best possible performance. When timing is neglected, you can suffer poor gas mileage, less power when you hit the gas and eventually degrading problems that might keep the engine from running. While you can get … Read more

5 Best Engine Hoists and Levelers for the Money

best engine hoists

Whether you’re a weekend mechanic restoring that ’68 Chevy Nova or work in an auto repair shop, you’ll be doing some major engine work at some point or another. Unlike the days of Henry Ford, modern car engines are very difficult to work on without removing the entire engine, and the blocks are far too … Read more

Best 6 Fuel Injector Cleaners – What Actually Works?

best fuel system cleaners

As most car owners understand, fuel efficiency is important whether its for the environment or simply to save money at the fuel pump. However, you might be unaware of the fact that a fuel injector regulates the amount of fuel an automobile consumes. As the name suggests, a fuel injector discharges gasoline into the car’s … Read more

How to Use an OBD2 Scanner to Save Money on Car Repairs

how to use diagnostic scan tool

Before you take your car to a mechanic, it might be a good idea to try to diagnose the problem yourself. When your check engine light comes on or the vehicle starts making warning buzzes or other sounds, you can use an OBD tool to find what’s going on. This could potentially save you a lot of … Read more

6 Steps to Properly Detail a Car Exterior

how to correctly detail car

The exterior of your car is what everyone sees; it’s the face of your driving experience. If you want your vehicle to look good, you have to take care of it. Knowing how to properly detail a car is a great skill to have and can even make you a few extra dollars on the … Read more

9 Best Torque Wrenches for Automotive Work (1/2-Inch Drive Size)

best torque wrenches

Serious mechanical work demands the best torque wrench you can get. Smaller torque wrenches in 3/8″ and 1/4″ sizes are available for lighter, more precise work. But for lug nuts and other automotive work, you’ll want to use a 1/2″ drive size which allows you to use larger socket sizes. The heavy duty torque wrenches … Read more