Sandpaper Grit Chart and Guide (Numbers, Types, and Uses)

sandpaper grit

Tired of lackluster DIY results? Transform your woodworking and restore rusted surfaces by leveraging sandpaper, the overlooked hero of any well-stocked garage. With dozens of varieties for endless applications, a good selection of sandpaper is a must-have for enthusiasts, if you choose the right type and grit. Whether you’re using it by hand or with … Read more

30 Different Types of Nails (Common Sizes and Uses)

Most every craftsman understands the true value of the nail. However, far fewer realize just how many types of nails actually exist. Of these types of nails, many vary significantly in size, shape, and composition. Likewise, these nails also differ in their intended uses. This places increased importance upon familiarizing yourself with all current market … Read more

20 Most Common Tools to Measure Length or Distance

tools to measure length

Have you ever wondered about the different tools available to measure length or distance? In this article, we’ll introduce 20 of the most common types of tools that are used for various measurement tasks, making your life easier and more efficient. Whether you are working on a construction project, doing car maintenance, or simply need … Read more

PVC Pipe Sizes (w/ Charts)

PVC pipe sizes

One of the greatest inventions since sliced bread is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This sturdy material has seen a lot of use in everything from hobbies to construction, and comes in several variations, such as the more heat-tolerant CPVC. But perhaps the most recognizable use of PVC is in pipes. The following guide will not only … Read more

9 Best Car Buffers and Polishers (Safe and Easy Detailing)

best DA car polishers

Buffing or polishing (the terms mean the same) a car used to be a job only professional detailers could do correctly. When polishing, you’re essentially smoothing out the surface of your vehicle by removing a thin layer of clear coat (clear layer on top of paint). This is done to remove deep stains, oxidization, and … Read more

Festool vs Makita (Which is Better?)

Festool vs Makita

In the world of modern power tools, there is no shortage of top-notch manufacturers, who produce premium-grade tools on an ongoing basis. Two top competitors in this arena are Festool and Makita, both of which are well-respected by hobbyists and tradesmen alike. However, this in itself poses quite the quandary for consumers.  Between these two … Read more

Festool vs DeWalt (Which is Better?)

Festool vs DeWalt

Most tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts should be familiar with the names “Festool” and “DeWalt”. Both of these manufacturers have served as powerhouses within the power tool industry and offer extensive product catalogs, much to the delight of their consumers. However, this popularity, in turn, has posed quite the quandary for consumers as they now have … Read more

Mac vs Snap-On (Which is Better?)

Mac vs Snap-On

No matter which professional shop you find yourself in, mechanics will always make a case for their preferred brand of premium tool. With a number of tool trucks making their weekly rounds, the average tradesman actually has several brands at their disposal, to consider. However, deciding how best to spend your hard earned cash is … Read more

Matco vs Snap-On (Which is Better?)

Matco vs Snap-On

For the dedicated tradesman, few services are as valued as that which is provided by the local tool truck. Tool travel to places of employment, offering premium tools for sale to industry professionals. These trucks also warranty tools for their customers on a weekly basis, preventing any need to return to a store-front location. However, … Read more